Sunday, August 4, 2013

Whit's First Birthday Party!

Yes, it was two weeks ago yesterday that we celebrated Whit's birthday, so I'd understand an assumption that my lack of posting is a form of denial. It's not. I am *thrilled* that Whit is getting older!

Here are some birthday pictures I took of Whit the day before his birthday:

And some photos from his party! 
My sister suggested we have a red "W" theme, since the white blanket and giant red "W" were the props in his monthly photos this past year. We only decided on a party at the last minute so we wanted to keep it a simple cook out with friends, but white, red, and photos of Whit- that I could do!

The kids who came were excited about our bubble machine and blown-up pool, but Whit mostly stayed at the stone retaining wall the whole time! Hey, when it's your party you get to do what you want, right? ;) 

Whit was less than thrilled with the smash cake I slaved over. I guess I can't blame him- he hasn't had any sweets or sugars besides the fruit in green smoothies his whole life, and he wasn't a fan of digging his hands into buttercream. I guess new things take a while to get to used to. 

Ben tried helping him eat it, but the first thing Whit did was make a face, cry, and pull it out of his mouth! Don't worry, Whit, I'm not offended. It's not the cake-it's you. 

He eventually realized we weren't trying to harm him, but still wasn't interested!

I'm still working on making the best chocolate chip cookies; confident that one day he'll appreciate it!