Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Even if something more interesting HAD happened, I'd still blog about THIS.

So guess what... Noah's Ark is reported to have been found!

I haven't had much time to blog lately, but I have been thinking about posting (That counts, right? Don't tell me you can't read my mind.) I planned to take some time to post a Wednesday Hump-Day Smoothing recipe or something, when my plans got thwarted by my boss who was really excited to tell me that wood from Noah's Ark was found in Turkey yesterday. Ok, I thought. That beats whatever nothingness all two of you were going to read today.

Here's the dish:

 Fox News account

ABC News account (Sorry... it won't let me embed this video. But please watch!!!!!)

There are a few skeptical points made, including that the wood should have disinigrated after 5000 years, that God would have commanded Noah to build other items out of the Ark wood due to lack of forests at the time ("Search for Noah's first house instead of Noah's Ark", Mt. Atarat could have splintered the Ark to pieces, etc. 

But I couldn't help getting reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy excited. What if this were true?

I'm excited because I believe this story is factual. I know Noah was a prophet called by God and asked by Him to deliver a message to the people. There is no doubt in my mind that he was instructed in how to build this structure in preparation for a baptism of the Earth, the Great Flood, and that it must have sounded so crazy to the rest of the people that few believed and supported Noah. If the Ark were found, it would help others celebrate, respect, and revere that man and his family for the struggle and journey they undertook, as well as the "radical" possibility that God knows and speaks to us yesterday, today, and forever. It could be a very powerful missionary tool! Those darn people in New York won't believe anything  until it's on their doorsteps.... grumble, grumble.

But the expert from the ABC news video states that people have wanted to find the Ark for years to lend some validity to the Bible and their faiths. I got somewhat defensive at hearing that, even though I have to admit I want that for those unbelievers and skeptics.

That got me thinking... If scientific evidence exists to support this and other Bible stories, would God really help us find it? Would He want His children to be given evidence, in addition to the Book of Mormon, of His existence, or would that defeat the concept of Faith?

Faith is, after all, 'the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.' Heb. 11:1

Though we consider The Book of Mormon to be additional evidence of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, the Golden Plates it was translated from were translated to Heaven. We were to believe the Book of Mormon to be true, not to physically see the plates and symbols on them. Because to see isn't  faith, that's fact.

Is the Bible, then, comparable to the Book of Mormon and the Ark comparable to the Golden Plates? Will we, or should we, or would Heavenly Father ever allow or want us to see, feel, and hear the factual existence of that structure?

Gosh... I sure would love to believe that we could, but I just don't know that that fits into the definition of faith. Heavenly Father would never force us to believe anything, and comming face-to-face with evidence of something faith-ful would be hard to deny, ignoring our free agency.

What do you think?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010



"Honey, let's pray." -Suz
"Whose turn is it?" -Ben
"Are you sure? You're odd..." he says while checking the calendar.
"And you're even. Now pray. And you're odd too, by the way."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Have a happy day.

I'm pretty sure I owe this discovery to Betsy, so Betsy: Thank you! This song rocks my world, and it's perfect to cheer anyone [me] up on a Thursday (am I the only one who can't believe it isn't Saturday yet????) At least it worked for me after listening to it 37 times on my way into work this morning. (In case you're wondering, no I'm not prone to exaggeration. Or sarcasm.)

For all those [me] whose husbands have been gone for almost a week, have worked 1,000 hours already [again, me], got very little sleep due to stupid bad dreams [you guessed it, me] or are just really, really, really ready for a weekend getaway trip to see one of their favorite people in the world [fo' sho' me!].

Here's your Thursday pick-[me]-up:

Bag of Hammers by THAO Nguyen

"As sharp as I sting, as sharp as I sing it just soothes you, doesn't it? like a lick of ice cream... shake your brain..."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There's nothing wrong with a little curiosity.

So I was watching the Ellen Degeneres Show this morning (I think it is so hilarious that it is actually the only "big kid" tv show I watch while watching De) and Lisa Kudrow, from "Who Do You Think You Are?" was on telling Ellen about her geneology. Lisa found a physical description of Ellen's great-grandfather, and Ellen reportedly looks a lot like him.

That got me thinking about genetics, breeding, and the fact that, since Ellen is civil union-ized to fellow female Portia DeRossi, she probably won't have biological children to pass on those same blue eyes and blonde hair features to.

Homosexual couples have been known to have biological children from sperm or eggs supplied by one partner, so I guess she and Portia could have a baby with the same blonde hair and blue eyes since they both posses them, but not Ellen's sense of humor, as well, because I just don't see her wanting to be the one to be pregnant. But what if Ellen really wanted "her baby" to have the same features and also her humor without carrying it? Thus, the question...

Would science ever advance enough to be able to alter a female egg to fertilize another female egg, or vice versa?

I texted this puzzling question to a good cross-section of friends and relatives and here is what YOU think:
"No." -Brett, Stay-at-home mother of 4, er, 3.

"I highly doubt it because of the complexity of it. They could just take turns being pregnant by going through a sperm clinic, though. LoL." -Jason, Technology Expert

"Random that you say that because I just read in Time Magazine that scientists just genetically engineered sperm. I think that will be the next step they try." -Marie, PA student

"Maybe? They can make a baby with two moms and a dad now by switching the mitochondria." -Becky, UC Boulder graduating Senior

"Never. Impossible. Wrong genetic info. They could implant it, but an egg is an egg." -Noah, science teacher.

Confused by the split in educated opinions and intrigued by my own wonderings, I did some research of my own.

The Answer: IT'S POSSIBLE.

According to this article, parthenogensis (reproduction without fertilization) already occurs in some plant and insect species, and mice pups in Japan have been successful reproduced in fertilization labs using this experimental process. It does not occur naturally in mammals, however, but, like so many other unnatural processes, is possible with the help of a trained scientist (do not attempt this at home!). So far it has only worked for the mice after 460 tries, and of the successfully reproduced pups only one reached adulthood.

So it is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar in the future for humans, but still possible.

Ever heard of the book Brave New World by Aldus Huxley? Its all about scientifically producing the entire human speicies based on specific characteristics and social classes without "typical" fertilization. These test-tube-semi-natural-robot children freaked me out in 10th grade, and it freaks me out today.

This is so strange... But you never know something until you get one random thought in your head and research it.

But that's just how Susannah "C's" it.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don't tell me not to put up solar panels because it messes with your "TV reception"!!

In the words of Kevin via Dwight, "I'm really mad."

Friday night our good friend, Melissa, came over to see our apartment. We were all feeling in need of a little pick-me-up, so it was my (Susannah) idea to take our longboards to the mall across the street and "skate our sillies out".

Meet Melissa.

Missy and I are pretty new to this, and it was a great longboarding site. The parking lot is huge with random cement islands where we could practice turning, the pavement was pretty smooth, and, since it closed at 9 pm and this was around 10 pm it was almost completely deserted.

Melissa and I had tons of fun, and it really helped us both get out of whatever funk we'd been in. Good old fashioned fun.

Or so we thought.

Someone disagreed.

After almost an hour a Jeep Wrangler pulled up to Melissa and Ben and some man told them the mall was private property and we weren't allowed to skate there. He even flashed Ben some "Playschool security badge." (his words, not mine.)

I didn't hear him. I wisely stayed away. Wise move because he really angered me, and it probably wouldn't have helped the situation if I'd crossed him.

See, since the mall is "private properety" we could potentially sue the owners if we'd gotten hurt while longboarding. I understand, then, why they are reluctant to have a "reckless" sport take place on their grounds.


A) Would we, or anyone, actually sue the mall if we'd gotten hurt? Is that plausible?
B) That also means no biking is allowed.
C) Are we not allowed to walk, either?

In short, are you, Mr. Playschool Policeman, trying to tell me that I am not allowed to longboard, bike, walk, or rollerskate to the mall that is 1/10 mile away from my apartment? Am I, then, forced to drive my gasoline-powered-one-passenger-toting-chemical-emitting-vehicle when choosing to stimulate our economy and provide money for your paycheck by shopping at the mall where there are no signs discouraging longboarding or advertising "private property"?

Are you going to tell me I can't support our local organic food store or be vegetarian, too, just in case I get sick from lack of "animal protein" and sue Earth Fare? (which you really should check out, by the way.)

Have you ever heard of Al Gore?!?!?! Or my rights as an American to live the lifestyle (environmentally friendly) I choose?


Don't even try to say that I'm off-base because we were only stopped from longboarding late at night, as many so-called "ruffians" have been known to do. That's beside the point. I don't want to hear it. We weren't hurting anybody; we weren't even skateboarding! We were just "going from one place to the other"!

How many times did I use quote marks in this post?

                                                                                   Sing it, sister.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skip this if you hate sentimentality

So I'm feeling sort of strange about so many recent posts just describing my wonderful relationship, but I can't help it. This is the stuff dreams are made of! So if you're the type to walk away from a good Disney princess movie, you may want to just re-read the thoughtful post about pollen and longboarding.

So Tuesday afternoon I talked to two different unmarried girl friends.  One is engaged and told me that she still talks to her ex-boyfriend; constantly needing to remind him that he didn't "win" her because he hurt her so many times. The other friend has been dating someone off and on, and was upset because he just doesn't show the same emotion and is sort of stringing her along. Both friends reminded me of relationships I've been in, too, and I kept saying to them,  "You'll find your BEN." meaning that I went through some rough ones and am now married to a man who treats me like gold. Because of those conversations I was thinking about how Ben treats me and shows his love for me throughout the day. I love these commonplace examples :)

(Or at least that's my interpretation. If yours is different, keep it to yourself.)

Story 1: Let Me Explain, Officer... 
We always go to the temple on Tuesday nights. Ben and I each drive there from work, so we meet at the interstate and leave one car in a nearby parking lot to carpool to the temple.  This Tuesday we were both really tired by the end of the work day, and I also had a really bad headache. Ben told me he was waiting for me at the shady end of a Days Inn hotel, and that he would probably be taking a nap. He was. I pulled up beside his car, got out, opened his door, and crawled in beside him. I closed the door and we laid  down on his reclined chair for at least five minutes, each trying to just enjoy a peaceful moment. Was he comfortable? Absolutely not. Were people watching from their hotel rooms? Tons. Did Ben care? No. He let me interrupt his "nap" and stayed uncomfortable with me in the front seat. 

Story 2: He Talks in His Sleep?!
While we were at the temple I started to feel really sick. I was still exhausted and my headache had multiplied to a stomachache, too. I kept thinking that I would pass out, or that I must look so bad that someone would tell me to go home. Don't worry, neither happened. We got home around 8:30, and without saying a word I changed to my pajamas and crawled into bed. Ben brought me some Tylenol and a glass of water, and I was already so out of it that all I can remember of it was telling him I wanted two pills instead of one (don't judge.) Yes, I actually fell right asleep at 8:30 pm! 
I woke up at 1:05 am, though, because MY HUSBAND (who had come to bed a couple hours earlier) sat bolt upright in bed and, while still sleeping, said, "Is there anything you need? I'll get it for you!" I thought about joking with his mostly-asleep self and saying something like, "I need a kidney... I haven't told you yet..." but he was just so sweet I couldn't even joke. He continued to wake me up by telling me that he loved me throughout the night. 
(I have a theory that you don't really know a person until you've observed them asleep. You are your truest form of self asleep. Think about it: you have no real control over what you're doing or saying, yet you do it anyway. That makes those actions instinctual. Ben was instinctually telling me that, in his core, he was thinking about me, concerned about me, and loved me. But that just one social scientist's opinion.)

Story 2: The Lock
I woke up with Ben to his alarm at 6:45 am, but we had so much fun joking about last night that he didn't leave for work until 7:30. That is L-A-T-E for Ben and his  45 minute commute! Nevertheless, after complaining about the time I heard Ben turn his key in the door lock after leaving the apartment. It means so much to me that, despite already being really late, Ben took some extra time to keep me safe in the apartment before running down to the car. Its the sort of thing I hope I still recognize as love years from now when the baby is crying and I wake up to a dirty house and husband leaving for work. 

And, believe it or not, I'm still tired. But my headache is gone!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

...And it Was All YELLOW

I have never had much of a problem with springtime pollen until my first summer in the South. It is crazy how much pollen is all over the ground, in the air, on my car, in my respiratory system!

It turns out that this ain't no average pollen season for the area however. In fact, according to this article it is at record levels all across the South. Atlanta had its 2nd highest ever recorded pollen count a week ago at 5,733 (normal for this time of year is 120!).

Here are a few pics of what it looks like around here.

This is the sidewalk...with streaks in it from where the pollen was worn away by bikes.

Look at these innocent yellow parts of the beautiful trees, ubiquitous around our apartment.


Apparently it combines with pond scum to make the most awful putrid smell...there is a geocache near here, but we'll need to find it at another non-putrefied point in time.

Despite the risk of a pollen coated esophagus, it is spring and that means:

I didn't know Suz was going to be such a natural at longboarding (think snowboarding on the pavement as a mode of transport, not kick flips over a garbage can). Had I known her natural talent, maybe we would have tied the knot weeks instead of months after our first date :)

Look at that concentration!!

Taking our homemade longboards out for a spin behind the apartment.

Look mom! No hands!!

For a less than detailed guide at making a longboard, check out a video I made for a class project back at BYU.

Friday, April 9, 2010

"So how does it feel to be married?" REVEALED


People have been asking me what it's like to be married, so here, on our one week anniversary, i'm trying to pen my answer. Well... It's totally normal and completely shocking at the same time. Anyone for a little complexity and contrast? Read on...

For as much as I like to be spontaneous and try new things, I also need to get my feet wet on certain topics (I can be completely black and white sometimes. Poor Ben will just need to learn the difference). I knew getting married was a big deal (to say the least), so I didn't want it to take me by surprise. For months we have moved me out of my mom's house and rearranged Ben's apt. to feel more "homey", we have spent every day together since the beginning of December (stupid scuba trip. Just kidding.), and he has spent a few nights at my mom's house when we have early morning plans so I'd even experienced saying goodnight and him waking me up in the morning. I am so glad we did things that way! By the time our families left town and we were settled and alone in OUR apartment, it wasn't anything new. I was familiar with the space because I'd helped create it. We had already brushed our teeth using the same mirror. My clothes were in the closet and my scriptures were by my designated side of the bed. We had already fought and seen each other in a variety of moods. I didn't automatically love him more or less or have a difference outlook on life. Our relationship was mostly the same. The only difference was the lable.

When other people make a big deal about us being married is when I make a big deal about it, too. Yeah, it still sort of startles me to call Ben "my husband." or to hear people ask if we're planning to have kids any time soon. My first reaction is still "Kids? But we're... oh yeah. We ARE married."

Someone at the temple on Tuesday asked me about being married and kept saying, "But are you happy? Are you happy?" First of all, no one word can describe getting married. (If you are just being polite and want the simple, "How are ya?" "Good." conversation then avoid the "How's being married" question to the newlywed.) If it did, 'happy' wouldn't be the very first word I'd come up with. Sorry. I described my feelings as content and relaxed: we have been thinking about and planning our marriage for a long time, and it's very comforting to finally enjoy it instead of pondering it. I can actually sleep well at night. I don't have to worry about keeping any stressful rules. All my belongings are finally in one place. I have something to take pride in, nurture, and love (everyone needs that sense of purpose). It's just... relaxing! Yes, of course I'm happy, but that is just so not the only word that I am.

I've already learned a lot about compromise and trust. I don't have to make every decision by myself. Ben deserves to be invovled in design, dinner, schedule choices, etc. I am used to doing things myself and worrying about myself, so I still battle the urge to just take care of things alone, but, though challenging, it's nice to give up some of that control. Besides, Ben's point of view, opinion, desires, and comfort are as important as mine. He deserves my sincere interest and to get things his way, too, because he is an amazing person with a lot to offer and needs his own support. I used to think no one could handle something as well as I could or something, but Ben keeps surprising me and surpassing my expectations-- we are enough alike that when I ask him to make a decision he often chooses something I would have chosen myself. Yay! Giving some trust is paying off :) (For the record, I wouldn't say I am anywhere close to perfect on this topic. I still have a lot to learn about compromise and trust, but I have to admit I'm just super proud that road has begun to get paved.)

It's a good thing we are similar and are learning to trust each other, because we are now sealed FOR-EV-ER (anyone else picturing the kid from Sandlot?) and that is a long time. I said to Ben the other day, "We will be married a year from now and 625,000 years from now." I was about to add, "Isn't that scary?" When he jumped in with, "I know! It's so great!" Phew. His confidence and love help me overcome my initial surprise and overwhelmedness. I can't help it-- Forever is a long time! It has nothing to do with Ben or me or marriage or anything, it has everything to do with the fact that NOTHING has been that permanent in my life. I constantly move around, try new things, make new friends, and explore. I have no concept of "forever" yet. But I don't have to, I guess. I'm trying to focus on the here and now and just build my marriage one day at a time. It's ok that Ben and I still have a lot to learn about each other: we were sealed in the Lord's house and I am very very confident that Heavenly Father will help us accomplish our goals and overcome our shortcommings as individuals and as a couple. He wants this marriage to succeed, and Ben and I both want this marriage to succeed, so it will. No questions asked. But boy, forever is a long time. Just one of those things I'll need to get use to...

I have totally, and sort of surprisingly, accepted my role as domestic goddess. I take a lot of pride in that little apartment and appreciate coming home to it clean, so I take a couple mins. to make the bed in the morning and put things away at night. I enjoy impressing my husband with culinary masterpieces, and daydream about what to make for dinner or buy from the Farmer's Market on Saturdays while I'm at work. I love to take care of him and enjoy doing our laundery (which includes laying out our clothes on a drying rack in leau of a dryer with care) and picking out clothes for him when he forgets we are meeting somewhere after work. Don't get me wrong, he is really hands-on, too, and does as much for me, but I love thinking that I have control over making our home Christ-centered, beautiful, and comfortable for us both. Plus, Andy got us a Dyson Ball which is so incredibly cool that anyone would enjoy cleaning :)

I am such a lucky women. Ben has so much to offer, and, in the words of someone who knows and loves him, "[I] must be incredible, too, for some with so much to offer to have picked [me]." and I completely agree. It is so obvious how much he loves me and is willing to do for me. He has already taught me so much about kindness, the right way to show love, respect, and honor, how to trust, how to express myself, etc. He is truly the best person to help me come closer to Christ. Let's hope he is also really patient, because there is still a lot for me to learn :) I just love you so much, Ben! Sometimes I do feel overwhelmed, but there is no question that we did the right thing will get help and blessings for that. I love you, I love the gospel, and I know I can make you happy. Thanks for giving me the opportunity :)

So to recap: It's nice that Ben and I can both get a decent night's sleep (he isn't driving home at 11:00 pm and I can actually sleep at night), but I wish he would drive faster than the speed limit (that's right, Ben, I noticed.)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

And then they were one (just not prior to the reception...)


9:30 am: Meet at Columbia College to start prepping the area.

O'Brien men move furniture from around campus to our reception site...

...while the mothers sit and chat.

"Getting married is hard to do..." -Ben
"Yeah, but the wooden swing makes it all worth it." -Stephen

Dr. Lane was our florist and did a fantastic job. He even hung "oasis" bouquets and sparkle beads from the center tree!

Mid-prepping I got multiple splinters and Ben got multiple gray hairs. What a great couple ;)

Fields (Lowther and Miller) men retrieved all rented items and tried to figure out that darn cotton candy machine

While Fields (Lowther and Miller) women put together praline bags! They worked so hard and long on this... Too bad we had probably twice as many as we needed :(

12:30 Go home to get ready
1: 30 O'Brien family pictures at Columbia College

Us with my new nice and nephews. What a good looking bunch... there are good reproductive genes in our families, if I do say so myself :)

My new sisters!
Sarah, Marie, me, Betsy, Tamara

2:00 Reception begins

Marie and Devan babysat the gift table all day. This is probably my favorite picture of them ever. Facebook, anyone?

A Columbia College artist was hired to capture the scene

The happy couple greets some of our many wonderful guests. I kept referring to Ben as "My.... Ben" because I didn't want to call my him my fiance or husband... Most people didn't know we wouldn't be officially married until after the reception.

This is the baby girl I nanny for. Her mom asked if it was ok to feed the 6-month-old  cotton candy. Don't question the nanny!

One of my favorite pics of us ever... Even if I didn't actually eat that deep-fried snickers and Ben had none of my cotton candy. Compromise, right? On film, at least!

Yeah, we're THAT couple.

We made those 'boards by hand, you know! It wasn't actually our idea to ride them at the reception. It way my off-handeed comment that sparked them being displayed at all, and Betsy suggested we get on them for a picture. The whole group ended up watching us skate around the grounds, and it was one of the most fun  and "us" moments of the day.

My niece, Cat, with Ben's niece, Kylie. Cousins? Anybody know?

Fields clan


7:20 Sealing begins
 Exiting the temple after the most incredible and meaningful hour of my life :)

I've joined the married club!

All That and an Easter Egg Hunt

I did mention that this past weekend was busy, right? Well, chances are anyone who reads this blog knows Ben and I got married last week, and you were probably even in attendance. In which case you can just skip this post because it will be a bunch of pictures you have actual memories of, not manufactured ones. For those of you (Josh) who reads this and wasn't there, enjoy! Pictures are worth 1,000 words, right? yeah... I'm hoping so because I'm out of words to describe that weekend!

Betsy came home

All the women in our families (and Ben, Dad O'Brien) met for manicures and pedicures. Not my typical thing, but very fun and neccesary under the circumstances!

What can top a mani/ pedi morning? The best New York Pizza (it's better than Chicago) Columbia has to offer!

This is the first time we saw my bro, Andy, who flew in on the red-eye from Cali. Thanks, Ace! Can you see a family resemblance?

Not to be outdone...

My niece, Cat, would NOT leave Ben alone the whole week! She was very upset he decided to marry me, not her. So now she will use her backup: her cousin, Will :)

Family BBQ! What trip to the south (though not anyone's FIRST trip to the South) would be complete without some good mustard-based BBQ? (Or "pulled pork" as the Michiganders kept calling it...)

Brett's fantastic idea to have an easter egg hunt pre-feast kept the kids busy while we waited for extra people and food to arrive. BBQ always tastes better at dusk :)

Our plan was to pair up my older nephews with Ben's younger ones to prevent them from stealing all the "stealthily" hidden eggs (all from Brett's personal collection, by the way. She is very proud of never having bought a plastic egg.) The plan sort of worked... Will only forgot about half the time that Jackson was supposed to be the one to "find" the eggs!

Fields, meet O'Briens!

After such a hectic day Ben and I were both exhausted! We scrapped the Bachelor/ Bachelorette party idea and he kidnapped me to our local arcade where we drove go-karts for a while. Too bad we didn't get any pictures of that... It was perfect. I married a wonderful man!

The Dress.... Second Time Around....

There is a  lot to say about the fabulous week we just ended, but I first have to explain about the new dress I found for the reception (thanks to all those who expressed sincere concern about my needing a new one).


Wed: Realized the dress I had commissioned to be made would not be ready or look o.k. and decided to find a new one.

Thurs: Explained my predicament to anyone who would listen, including my boss who got an earful of dress drama simply by asking the question "How are you." (Moral of the story... never ask how a person is doing.) She happened to be the right person to ask, though. She got on the phone with her mother-in-law (a long-time patron of Columbia's finest boutiques and a modest dresser) and gave me the name of a well-recommended store. (Non-Mormons really freak out when you tell them you don't have a wedding dress. Has anyone else noticed that?)

Fri: Left work 45 mins early (5:15) because the previously mentioned recommended store closes at 6, as does EVERY OTHER BOUTIQUE STORE IN THE CITY. I've said it before and I'll say it again... Brides were just not meant to work while planning a wedding, are they?
    The recommended store had some dresses that were long enough, but they were skin tight and strapless. Others had sleeves, but came to mid-thigh. I guess only one area of the body can be covered at a time.
     LUCKILY that store is a stone's throw away from one of my favorite unique shopping areas, Five Points. I hurriedly found parking and walked in and out of any clothing store I could find, finally stopping at an upscale conisgnment store, Revente, at 5:55. I found a dress hanging by the wall, and, having previously decided to try on anything even half decent, begged them to let me try it on even though they were closing. The dress, labeled as a size too big, fit perfectly! It was everything I'd wanted, and marked down from $50 to $25! How incredible is that?
    I showed it to Mom and, after we gushed over its perfection, promptly hung it in my closet to hide from Ben. He did NOT appreciate that! Let's just say he picked out my first wedding dress and we see what mess that became. There was no way he was getting close to the second dress! Well, he found more reasons to get into my closet that week than in the previous five months put together :) Love that boy...

The verdict?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Some So-Fars

This has been one fun, busy weekend.

"I'm glad you're not worrying about that." -Suz
"I'm not, and I hope you won't either." -Ben
"Oh no. I've already forgotten about it." -Suz

Betsy stuck at ATL for 5 hours = $600 Delta bucks

Groucho's Deli ROCKS

"It's nice to put a face to the blog."

"You're invited to the wedding even though you never got your invitation. And, by the way, will you MC the BBQ games?" -Suz to Andy

The worst way for a groom to wake up his bride from a much needed nap on the eve of their wedding:
"We had a situation, but don't worry: it's been taken care of. Oh, and Dad and I only ate 20 petit fours. We just couldn't help ourselves."

"Could you have possibly worn a less provocative shirt to your sister's wedding BBQ?" -Mom
"It's just a girl." -Andy
"She's dancing topless!"-Mom

After Mr. O'Brien said a whole slew of awesome things about Ben:
"I'm sorry all I said about you was that you drool." -Mom to Suz

Ben kidnapped Susannah after the family BBQ to race go-karts at Frankies without telling anyone where we were going and not answering the phone. It was AWESOME.

Opa used to collect girl's hair bows in High School.

Danny failed a psychological test for a job.

Brett was mistaken for a drag queen.

"You have the right to refuse the sex talk." -Brett

Marie buys clothes to match hotel furniture. 

"Why don't you just drive up in the morning? Nothing starts until 2:00" -Suz to Jason
"Because I'm already in town." -Jason