Thursday, April 8, 2010

All That and an Easter Egg Hunt

I did mention that this past weekend was busy, right? Well, chances are anyone who reads this blog knows Ben and I got married last week, and you were probably even in attendance. In which case you can just skip this post because it will be a bunch of pictures you have actual memories of, not manufactured ones. For those of you (Josh) who reads this and wasn't there, enjoy! Pictures are worth 1,000 words, right? yeah... I'm hoping so because I'm out of words to describe that weekend!

Betsy came home

All the women in our families (and Ben, Dad O'Brien) met for manicures and pedicures. Not my typical thing, but very fun and neccesary under the circumstances!

What can top a mani/ pedi morning? The best New York Pizza (it's better than Chicago) Columbia has to offer!

This is the first time we saw my bro, Andy, who flew in on the red-eye from Cali. Thanks, Ace! Can you see a family resemblance?

Not to be outdone...

My niece, Cat, would NOT leave Ben alone the whole week! She was very upset he decided to marry me, not her. So now she will use her backup: her cousin, Will :)

Family BBQ! What trip to the south (though not anyone's FIRST trip to the South) would be complete without some good mustard-based BBQ? (Or "pulled pork" as the Michiganders kept calling it...)

Brett's fantastic idea to have an easter egg hunt pre-feast kept the kids busy while we waited for extra people and food to arrive. BBQ always tastes better at dusk :)

Our plan was to pair up my older nephews with Ben's younger ones to prevent them from stealing all the "stealthily" hidden eggs (all from Brett's personal collection, by the way. She is very proud of never having bought a plastic egg.) The plan sort of worked... Will only forgot about half the time that Jackson was supposed to be the one to "find" the eggs!

Fields, meet O'Briens!

After such a hectic day Ben and I were both exhausted! We scrapped the Bachelor/ Bachelorette party idea and he kidnapped me to our local arcade where we drove go-karts for a while. Too bad we didn't get any pictures of that... It was perfect. I married a wonderful man!


  1. oh. ouch. salt in the wound... but thank you for the manufactured memories-it was a delightful wedding i must say. I especially enjoyed you two longboarding around. way to team 7 it to the very end.

  2. And I'm happy now.

    I got to see the infamous provocative t-shirt.


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