Tuesday, April 13, 2010

...And it Was All YELLOW

I have never had much of a problem with springtime pollen until my first summer in the South. It is crazy how much pollen is all over the ground, in the air, on my car, in my respiratory system!

It turns out that this ain't no average pollen season for the area however. In fact, according to this article it is at record levels all across the South. Atlanta had its 2nd highest ever recorded pollen count a week ago at 5,733 (normal for this time of year is 120!).

Here are a few pics of what it looks like around here.

This is the sidewalk...with streaks in it from where the pollen was worn away by bikes.

Look at these innocent yellow parts of the beautiful trees, ubiquitous around our apartment.


Apparently it combines with pond scum to make the most awful putrid smell...there is a geocache near here, but we'll need to find it at another non-putrefied point in time.

Despite the risk of a pollen coated esophagus, it is spring and that means:

I didn't know Suz was going to be such a natural at longboarding (think snowboarding on the pavement as a mode of transport, not kick flips over a garbage can). Had I known her natural talent, maybe we would have tied the knot weeks instead of months after our first date :)

Look at that concentration!!

Taking our homemade longboards out for a spin behind the apartment.

Look mom! No hands!!

For a less than detailed guide at making a longboard, check out a video I made for a class project back at BYU.


  1. It was so pollen-y that we had to break from taking wedding photos for Ben and other men to clean off their black shoes before each picture! And thanks for the distinction in longboarding v. skateboarding. I don't want anyone to think I can do flips over a trash can.

  2. I won't be able to show Cat these pictures. Where is the protective gear? Or is that another quality of longboarding--no wound-inducing falls?

  3. When you're Suz and Ben there are no wound-inducing falls. Now Will...he's another story :)


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