Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Dress.... Second Time Around....

There is a  lot to say about the fabulous week we just ended, but I first have to explain about the new dress I found for the reception (thanks to all those who expressed sincere concern about my needing a new one).


Wed: Realized the dress I had commissioned to be made would not be ready or look o.k. and decided to find a new one.

Thurs: Explained my predicament to anyone who would listen, including my boss who got an earful of dress drama simply by asking the question "How are you." (Moral of the story... never ask how a person is doing.) She happened to be the right person to ask, though. She got on the phone with her mother-in-law (a long-time patron of Columbia's finest boutiques and a modest dresser) and gave me the name of a well-recommended store. (Non-Mormons really freak out when you tell them you don't have a wedding dress. Has anyone else noticed that?)

Fri: Left work 45 mins early (5:15) because the previously mentioned recommended store closes at 6, as does EVERY OTHER BOUTIQUE STORE IN THE CITY. I've said it before and I'll say it again... Brides were just not meant to work while planning a wedding, are they?
    The recommended store had some dresses that were long enough, but they were skin tight and strapless. Others had sleeves, but came to mid-thigh. I guess only one area of the body can be covered at a time.
     LUCKILY that store is a stone's throw away from one of my favorite unique shopping areas, Five Points. I hurriedly found parking and walked in and out of any clothing store I could find, finally stopping at an upscale conisgnment store, Revente, at 5:55. I found a dress hanging by the wall, and, having previously decided to try on anything even half decent, begged them to let me try it on even though they were closing. The dress, labeled as a size too big, fit perfectly! It was everything I'd wanted, and marked down from $50 to $25! How incredible is that?
    I showed it to Mom and, after we gushed over its perfection, promptly hung it in my closet to hide from Ben. He did NOT appreciate that! Let's just say he picked out my first wedding dress and we see what mess that became. There was no way he was getting close to the second dress! Well, he found more reasons to get into my closet that week than in the previous five months put together :) Love that boy...

The verdict?


  1. Susannah!!!!

    Congrats! I love your posts, I love the dress, it is very "you". Everything looked beautiful. You are a very good writer, your personality comes out in whatever you write. You are a married ladie. I am so happy for you. Did you/are you going on a honeymoon? Just curious =)
    Love ya!

  2. Susannah, I really love this dress! Did you get it at Revente?


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