Friday, April 2, 2010

Some So-Fars

This has been one fun, busy weekend.

"I'm glad you're not worrying about that." -Suz
"I'm not, and I hope you won't either." -Ben
"Oh no. I've already forgotten about it." -Suz

Betsy stuck at ATL for 5 hours = $600 Delta bucks

Groucho's Deli ROCKS

"It's nice to put a face to the blog."

"You're invited to the wedding even though you never got your invitation. And, by the way, will you MC the BBQ games?" -Suz to Andy

The worst way for a groom to wake up his bride from a much needed nap on the eve of their wedding:
"We had a situation, but don't worry: it's been taken care of. Oh, and Dad and I only ate 20 petit fours. We just couldn't help ourselves."

"Could you have possibly worn a less provocative shirt to your sister's wedding BBQ?" -Mom
"It's just a girl." -Andy
"She's dancing topless!"-Mom

After Mr. O'Brien said a whole slew of awesome things about Ben:
"I'm sorry all I said about you was that you drool." -Mom to Suz

Ben kidnapped Susannah after the family BBQ to race go-karts at Frankies without telling anyone where we were going and not answering the phone. It was AWESOME.

Opa used to collect girl's hair bows in High School.

Danny failed a psychological test for a job.

Brett was mistaken for a drag queen.

"You have the right to refuse the sex talk." -Brett

Marie buys clothes to match hotel furniture. 

"Why don't you just drive up in the morning? Nothing starts until 2:00" -Suz to Jason
"Because I'm already in town." -Jason

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  1. Don't refuse the sex talk! She practiced it on me and it's a good one!


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