Thursday, April 8, 2010

And then they were one (just not prior to the reception...)


9:30 am: Meet at Columbia College to start prepping the area.

O'Brien men move furniture from around campus to our reception site...

...while the mothers sit and chat.

"Getting married is hard to do..." -Ben
"Yeah, but the wooden swing makes it all worth it." -Stephen

Dr. Lane was our florist and did a fantastic job. He even hung "oasis" bouquets and sparkle beads from the center tree!

Mid-prepping I got multiple splinters and Ben got multiple gray hairs. What a great couple ;)

Fields (Lowther and Miller) men retrieved all rented items and tried to figure out that darn cotton candy machine

While Fields (Lowther and Miller) women put together praline bags! They worked so hard and long on this... Too bad we had probably twice as many as we needed :(

12:30 Go home to get ready
1: 30 O'Brien family pictures at Columbia College

Us with my new nice and nephews. What a good looking bunch... there are good reproductive genes in our families, if I do say so myself :)

My new sisters!
Sarah, Marie, me, Betsy, Tamara

2:00 Reception begins

Marie and Devan babysat the gift table all day. This is probably my favorite picture of them ever. Facebook, anyone?

A Columbia College artist was hired to capture the scene

The happy couple greets some of our many wonderful guests. I kept referring to Ben as "My.... Ben" because I didn't want to call my him my fiance or husband... Most people didn't know we wouldn't be officially married until after the reception.

This is the baby girl I nanny for. Her mom asked if it was ok to feed the 6-month-old  cotton candy. Don't question the nanny!

One of my favorite pics of us ever... Even if I didn't actually eat that deep-fried snickers and Ben had none of my cotton candy. Compromise, right? On film, at least!

Yeah, we're THAT couple.

We made those 'boards by hand, you know! It wasn't actually our idea to ride them at the reception. It way my off-handeed comment that sparked them being displayed at all, and Betsy suggested we get on them for a picture. The whole group ended up watching us skate around the grounds, and it was one of the most fun  and "us" moments of the day.

My niece, Cat, with Ben's niece, Kylie. Cousins? Anybody know?

Fields clan


7:20 Sealing begins
 Exiting the temple after the most incredible and meaningful hour of my life :)

I've joined the married club!


  1. Loved seeing your pictures! And I loved being there last weekend. I'm so very excited for you and Ben to have officially begun your life together. You two are a great example of a righteous, loving, selfless couple.

  2. We had so much fun with you guys. We are so very happy for you.

  3. How wonderful! We wish you both many many happy moments skateboarding through life and beyond! Those smiles and kind words to each other seem to be wind in your sails:) We love you!

  4. Congratulations guys! I hate we missed it but we both had to work. :( You look so beautiful! I love the dress! Best wishes as you start your new adventure!

  5. Dude, Ben has 4 SISTERS?! You are LUCKY! Men with sisters almost always make great husbands. You hardly have to break them in at all!

    What great pictures and what a great time it looks like you all had! Am a bit sad I missed it...I briefly considered crashing...just for fun!


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