Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter in Petoskey!

We had an amazing 2 week holiday! Last year we were in Columbia with my fam for Christmas (before we were even engaged), so we planned early to spend this holiday season with Ben's family. It was crazy:

We flew, drove, and explored all over the midwest! 

12/ 22 - 12/ 24: Milwaukee, WI (Steve and Tamara + girls, Betsy)
12/ 24 - 12/ 26: Rockford, IL (Entire family at Sarah and Danny's)
12/ 26 - 1/ 3: Petoskey, MI (Mom and Dad, Betsy)

As you can see, we spent the most amount of time in Ben's hometown of Petoskey, MI. I was so stupid excited to see the fam and visit his hometown! Everyone who knows Michigan said I was crazy to make my first trip in the winter, but what did they know-- Petoskey is gorgeous any time of year, and I had tons of fun in the snow.

We took so many pictures of our time up there, so I had to condense them to collages to fit everything in! I hope this does it justice!

Showing some love all over that town...

One of the first things we did was take a hike through the snow in one of their downtown parks. It was so beautiful!

Ben and I spent an afternoon driving up to the bridge to the Upper Peninsula, and walked out onto the rocks to search for Petoskey Stones. 

We found one!

Petoskey is a very small, beautiful, classy, laid-back resort town.  Ben's family lives close to the town center, so we had a lot of fun taking random walks into town for some really terrific food, good views, and unique stores.  

Here are some of the town highlights:

One of the really unique things about Petoskey is that the awesome town center (with the really terrific food and unique stores) is across the street from the famous waterfront; an area the town has really beautified on the edge of Lake Michigan. 

Seriously... I am in love with this town!

We had a lot of other fun things we did there, like snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hiking, New Years party, etc... so I'll try to get those pix up too :)


  1. looks lovely! i just love the last one though!

  2. How cool! And you are SO photogenic. I love that picture of you with the stone. And I think your choice of footwear is interesting. :-)

  3. Well, it's about dang time! I was starting to wonder if you'd been swallowed whole by the holidays!

    Excellent! Glad to know you had fun!


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