Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I just looked up a very popular blog by Seth Godin (referred to simply as "Seth's Blog" by other popular bloggers... it's that good.) just now, and wondered to myself, "Hmm... When was this latest post written? I'm sure he's too busy to blog everyday..." Sure enough, it was posted earlier today, Feb. 8, 2011.  

My mind just had a wake-up call: It's February 8th already?! 

This past month has been a whirl-wind for us, and it feels like February is already flying by.

Since we came home from our very amazing, relaxing, much-anticipated and well-delivered Christmas/ New Years trip I have been busy building a new website and overhauling our business, uVinyl, and nagging Ben to learn and teach me what I needed to know about web design.I can't express how proud I am for learning enough to build and edit it on my own, and how grateful to Ben for teaching me. I've also designed TONS of new marketing materials, and begun to distribute them through the mail and around town. It's taken up a lot of  our time, but the changes and updates feel amazing. (Sort of like redecorating an old room to fit your current personality so it feels really calming, then jumping onto a comfy, thick, soft bed and sinking into pillows... that's how my soul feels right now.)

Ben has also been really busy with his new calling of Elder's Quorum President.  He is overhauling their EQ, too! Rearranging the Home Teaching assignments for the first time in years, and adding some new callings to delegate the load. His hard work and enthusiasm have paid off so far, but it is a long road to journey... especially at the beginning. He's studying for the GMAT at the same time, so I feel like my husband is "gone" a lot (at least some of every day is dedicated to both church stuff and studying, which I try very hard to understand), which leaves me lots of time to tweak my website, now that he's taught me how. (We're often in the same room, or even on the same couch, each with our own laptop and a movie playing on the projector screen that neither of us is watching.)

Not to mention a weekend to Columbia for the temple and to celebrate Ben's and Brett's birthdays, our home celebration of Ben's birthday, and a current 3-day trip driving to different Avery Dennison locations around the region. 

So... I'm sorry I haven't been so up on the blog lately.

Forgive me? 


  1. ha! that sounds just like me, laptop and movie/tv on, but not watching the movie or tv!

  2. Never heard of Seth Godin. Maybe I'll check him out when this week is over and we accomplish our long-awaited yard sale. Pulling out my hair in the meantime.


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