Monday, February 18, 2013

Whit is 7 months old!

Whit @ 7 months: 
15.4 lbs

*Blowing raspberries! As if he didn't already drool enough... We keep saying, "Oh, he's teething!" because his shirt will be soaked after a few minutes, but no new teeth come in... Hmmmm...
*Has started to grip around my arm when I pick him up. It feels like he's giving a little hug, which actually makes me excited for him to grow up (a little) and give me a real hug!
*Has included breakfast as a second solid meal! He eats full-fat greek yogurt with fruit puree every morning, and lentils or other protein a veggies at night. We are trying to beef this kid up! Not working yet :(
*Is sleeping without the swaddle! This is HUGE for him. I thought he'd be swaddled on his honeymoon! He started bending around in his swaddle until he flipped and was stranded on his tummy, so we had to give it up cold turkey for a sleep sak. It took a while for him to learn to sleep with all of his limbs free, but he's doing great now! He wakes up twice between 7 pm- 7 am when he flips over and gets uncomfortable. 
*Sits up SO WELL. He has no interest in crawling or anything resembling crawling because he can lean over and around and everything and pull himself back up to sitting. He doesn't mind tummy time as much, though, since he started sleeping in the Sleep Sak. I think he's happier with the night practice of being mobile, he just doesn't care during the day :)
*After a full month of sitting up almost all day the rash under his neck has finally gone away!
*Sits in the toddler side of the baby bathtub (because we just realized there was a newborn and toddler side)
*Is spending a lot more time being happy! Wow. Finally. He is actually a LOT of fun to be around now! 
*Laughs and smiles more often. Most often when we kiss his tummy, roughhouse with him, when we laugh, or kiss under his chin. 
*Will sit while I read an entire children's book. We try to avoid any showing him any screens, so I'm reading a couple of books to him a day to stimulate his imagination. So I need some new books.
*Favorite new toys are stuffed animals. He's really interested in their softness and texture, and will snuggle in with one when he's awake. It's so cute... He met an actual dog that let him touch his fur and Whit was so excited! He laughed immediately as if thinking, "Wow! This stuffed animal moves!" 
*Puts everything in his mouth. EVERYTHING. Thankfully my mom gave him some Little People toys, which are the perfect size for him to hold and chew on. I think we'll be getting some more of those. 
*Rolls over from tummy to back and back to tummy. Not enough to move around that way, but seems proud of himself for doing it :) 
*Starting to mimmick our speech. He makes the CUTEST noises. We love having "conversations" with him, where we just mimick noises back and forth!
*Has amazing concentration. He has always seemed to, and it hasn't stopped. Most recently he will watch Ben opperate a remote control helicopter until the battery runs out. He doesn't even notice if he's on his tummy or sitting up... he just watches it with his mouth open for as long as Ben flies it! I think that's why he doesn't care about moving. He doesn't mind sitting up even if no toys are around, he just likes to watch and observe everything around him. 

Whit's 7 month photo shoot was during Ben's lunch break, so I got some cute ones of the two of them! Before my camera made a weird noise then turned off (aka the battery died...)

It's obvious Whit adores Ben, isn't it? 

Our conversations lately have been different versions of "He's so great, isn't he?" "Oh yeah, SO great..." "I love him SO much... Don't you just love him so much?" "Oh... SO MUCH..." Haha! :D 

But honestly, he is growing up, showing his personality, and is getting to be more and more fun to be around. Gosh, we just love him. He is our entire world. Oh. My. Goodness. 


  1. I knew it! This age...from about 7 months until about 18 months is my very favorite! They are so fun, so full of life and it is the very best gift in life to see the world through their eyes.

    Now, Children's books! Anything, absolutely anything by Sandra Boynton is wonderful. We also love classics like Ferdinand the Bull and the Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge and of course, Winnie the Pooh. The Boy loves the book I Love You Stinky Face, and has since he was a baby. We also love anything by Cynthia Rylant--her Henry and Mudge books are lovely, but so are the Poppleton books, and Mr. Putter and Tabby are wonderful for children who have lots of Grandparents and great-Grandparents.

    You already know about Dr. Seuss, but have you heard of the Old Pirate of Central Park? Odd and funny and utterly charming. Richard Staake (I think that's his name) he's wonderful too. I've recently discovered the Usborne Illustrated books. I bought the Boy the Illustrated Adventure stories, as well as the Grimm's Brothers and Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales. The illustrations are beautiful, the language is good, and the stories simplified without being stupefied. When the Boy was small I read him just about whatever I was reading, it's so good for their brains to hear good language, so he listened to Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, Gaskell, Eliot, Bronte (Charlotte, not Emily) and Hugo. I would just read aloud while he was playing on the floor and sometimes he would stop and listen, but most of the time, it's just good for them to hear.

    And now this is a really long comment. But check your local library for those authors and you can take a book out for a test drive before buying something. It's well worth investing in good books, because even when you think they've outgrown them, they come back again and again and again.

    Isn't it the most wonderful adventure?

  2. Levi teethed for MONTHS before he cut his first tooth. People (mothers) kept telling me that he was teething, but when I didn't see anything for 2 months straight, I thought, "No way. He's not teething!" But as soon as he cut his two little bottom teeth, the drool stopped. Does drool really start that early? I don't know, but Levi's gone through several drooly phases.

  3. Your pictures are so great! Hopefully I can do a better job of photographing this baby than I have in the past, now that I have a good camera.

    I love Melissa's long comment. She's a great person to give you book ideas! Have you tried TJ Maxx yet? They usually sell board books for a couple dollars cheaper than other places, and they always have Sandra Boynton books and usually books with real pictures of things, such as household objects or trucks or whatever.

    Yeah for a happier, lower-maintenance baby who is starting to talk to you! Love it!


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