Monday, March 18, 2013

Whit is 8 months old!

The many faces of Whit:

Whit @ 8 Months:
15.2 lbs
27.5 inches

*Eating food with spices. I make all of Whit's food, and have been trying new combinations with curry, Italian spices, garlic, chili powder, etc. in hopes that he will get used to the types of foods Ben and I eat daily and we can avoid having a picky eater later on!
*Lifts his arms up to be held. This melts my heart. Yay.
*Has 4 teeth and is getting 2 more on top! The last three weeks Whit has been in non-stop-waking-up-every-two-hours-hardly-naps-only-wants-to-be-held teething mode. I can't wait for those little jerks teeth to be out of there! But now he smiles to the left so he can feel the teeth that have come in on top :)
*Crinkles his nose when he smiles. It is so cute to see his smile evolve!
*Separation Anxiety. He cries if the person he's been playing with (usually me or Ben) is out of sight for even a brief moment.
*Is getting better at playing by himself. We can leave him on the floor with a few toys and he will happily be entertained (for a little while, at least!) 
*Still isn't crawling, mostly because he can accomplish whatever he wants by sitting up. He can fold himself in half to lean down and grab things, twist around the get things behind him, and sit back up from laying down after stretching to grab things. If something is too out-of-the-way to be stretched and received, he couldn't care less about it.
*No matter how tired he is when I put him down, he will twist around his crib until he's laid in every direction before finally falling asleep horizontally across his crib. His is a mini crib that is only 26 inches wide, so this is becoming a real problem! It is hilarious.
*Hates to be manipulated (physically, not emotionally.) If we position his knees to a crawling positions, or move his hands to show him how to sign he will FREAK OUT!
*I've heard babies have a short memory, so distractions work wonders when they get upset. Not this child. He knows how to hold a grudge. If I leave the room, stop feeding him, or something else that upsets him he stays angry for a while! He may look like his dad, but this is proof that he gets at least one thing from his mommy!
*Can sit in a highchair and walks in a simple walking toy at home.
*Can stand for a little while and even pick his feet up when holding onto something
*Loves to tilt his head back to look up at us if he is sitting in front of us. He loves getting kissed all over his face when he does that!
*Has started eating table food. We have given him beans, rice, noodles, carrots sticks, and pretzels, which he happily gums to death.

I am so proud to say that with his developing personality it is so obvious how much he loves his parents. He completely lights up with Ben or I are around. He gives huge smiles when we smile at him, laughs when we laugh, always wants to be held, and generally shows how much he adores being around us. Yesterday Ben said, "What is going to happen when he isn't a Momma's Boy anymore?" Me: "Easy. That's never going to happen." 

Which is why I am able to get such cute pictures of this little charmer, even when he is teething, generally miserable, and crying. 


  1. Aw, Sus! He IS darling! How do you keep from dipping him in chocolate and just swallowing him whole?

    And on the Loving his Parents topic, I've been thinking a lot about the things people seem to want to avoid, like the nasty diapers and getting up at night and soothing screaming babies, and all the unpleasantness of parenting, and here's what I think. I think there might be value in the process, not just for the kid, the one being nurtured, but I think there's value for the ones who serve as well. I can't help but think there's more than 1 reason that Heavenly Father asked us to undertake this incredibly difficult task. I think there's something good for our souls in being needed to that degree, and successfully supplying those needs. There's so much suffering in the world, and so little that most of us can do to alleviate it, but it's deeply satisfying to be able to help this One, that is right in front of me and needs me. But I also think it's good for our souls to be Loved the way the little ones love us when we're trying to take good care of them. I think that's probably the way the Savior loves us.

  2. OH I just love his little smile!! He is so cute.

  3. He certainly does melt my heart. His smile is so engaging!


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