Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday Beeeeeeeeeeeen, Dear!

About 20 friends were at Krislyn's apartment to help me surprise Ben for his birthday.
I don't think our friends have ever participated in a surprise party, though. The lights were off when we came in and people were hiding, but no one was really sure when to turn the lights back on or to yell surprise or anything... That made it even funnier to me, though :)

What made him think this was MY idea?????

It was a Curious George party complete with party hats, peanut butter n jelly sandwhiches, animal crackers, pinata, etc.! Just what every 27-year-old boy wants!

Krislyn, our wonderful hostess, lighting Ben's birthday cupcake candle! (Those cupcakes were homemade, and FABULOUS, by the way!)

Awwwwww... :)

I was really excited for Ben's Curious George pinata and thought the high high high ceilings in Krislyn's fantastic apt. would be perfect for it. Unfortunately, the ceiling was so high we had to come up with a clever way to get the pinata hung up!

Solution: tie balloon animal balloons together to form a long line with George on one end and a set of keys at the other end. Step 2: Fling the keys over the pipe at the top of the ceiling and hoist George up.

Step 3: Have Ben whack George until he breaks. Have entire party hide behind the kitchen counter because George is on a very long bungee cord and WILL fling out across the entire room as the baseball bat makes contact.

Step 4: Continue hitting George even though it sounds like the pinata is made of metal until body detaches from head because pulling "magic ribbons" doesn't work, either.

Fling George's body across entire room to spread the candy love, then realize the metal sound was bat making contact with lollipops and there are lollipop crumbs now strewn around the apartment.

Step 6: Act like a monkey while another friend interrupts the party to vaccuum up lollipop crumbs and a monkey head bobs from the ceiling... Possibly to never come down.


  1. cool party - all the curious george makes me a jealous josh.


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