Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Geocache EVER!!!

Dear Susannah,

Here is the video that captures the moments around the tipping point in my life. After years of searching for you, you finally found me. I'm so glad...

I may have had more than a sliver of hope that you would say yes after I asked you to marry me and be sealed to me, but you can clearly see by my body language that I knew how important those few minutes were.

I kept telling people, "Saturday is either going to be the best day ever or the worst day ever". Thank you for making it the best day ever and saying yes to embarking on this journey with me.



Dear faithful and not-so-faithful blog followers,

Susannah has wanted me to post on this for some time now. I guess the one post a month isn't gonna fly.

Here is the video of the day that I proposed. I'm sure you've all read the previous posts that my fiancee so eloquently wrote about how it went down...but here is the video that our good friend Will put this together. The whole thing went smoothly thanks to Will, David and Ryan. Thanks guys!!

Quick recap of the back story of the proposal:
  • Suz didn't know I had the ring (all signs pointed to me being a slacker and not taking action on my desire to marry her because I didn't have the ring) .
  • We planned to go geocaching on Saturday morning.
  • Friday prep: picked up ring, picked up ammo canister, took to florist to prep
  • Saturday prep: picked up ring/flowerbox, met Ryan, David and Will at 8:30am, bought portable power supply for speakers, hours of camara/audio set up by R-D-W, prepare secret codes via text and phone to ensure timing.
  • She thought something was up the night before, but events on the morning of (allowing plans to change, making waffles before leaving and me not knowing exactly where to go) pointed to just another day having fun geocaching. it is. The best Geocache EVER! Went there with my girlfriend and left with my fiancee.


  1. That was so fun to watch, I wish I were hiding in the woods too so I could have seen it firsthand :) You guys look so happy.

  2. I love made me cry.The timing with the Taylor Swift song was perfect!!

  3. Beautiful. I was just trying to think of what you guys were thinking (like what Ben was thinking when he started crouching down and what Susannah was thinking when she first looked up) and I was just so happy for you two.

  4. that was some pretty good planning and i have to agree with mom, i cried too!! oh so embarassing!

  5. I have the best fiance ever. Thank you for loving me so much, Ben! Do I deserve you???


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