Monday, January 18, 2010

Part-Y?? Because we're Engaged!!

Mom was excited to throw us a really fun engagement party. Ben was just as excited because it gave him a chance to reveal a surprise: 3 men from our single's ward had been hiding in the woods when we got engaged recording the event. One, Will, edited the video and we previewed it at our party with my family and our friends on Saturday night.

The video was INCREDIBLE (even though my name is spelled Susannah not Sussanah)! Thank you so much for your hard work, Will, and your foresight and effort, Ben. It's existence wasn't a complete surprise, but the video was so much more than I expected and a wonderful treat. Can't wait to have a copy to show EVERYONE!

The rest of the party was a smashing success, too. Mom went out of her way to have great food and an inviting atmosphere. Her toast welcoming Ben to our family was so sweet, and his to me was, too. And a TON of our friends were there-- I loved seeing how many people wanted to celebrate this occasion!

Everyone should have an engagement party. Once you're engaged, of course :)

I love you, Missy! You're amazing!

Mom had fun entertaining Bro. and Sis. Habel from our Branch Presidency

My sister, Brett, drove up with her fam for the occasion! Here she is with Benjamin the Great and Jack-Jack

Ben made balloon animals. David got bored and hid them.

Some of my favorite girls... Katie, my sister Megan, Becky, Jessica, and Ana Karen-- our personal cheerleader

More peeps

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