Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Christmas box from my dad with one of my old journals dredged up this funny memory...

When I was a kid I yearned for two things: a pony, and a laptop. I'm not sure what about a laptop appealed to me so strongly, but the desire came and remained. I remember buying my first from a colleague of my dad's who was getting a new one. I payed all my savings --$300-- to buy it myself.

I remember that it was BIG. Do you remember the seperate docking stations laptops would slide into to charge? It had one of those and a broken power cord so the two were ALWAYS connected. Even if it wasn't as portable as I'd expected and though I wasn't tech-savvy enough to use it properl
y, I still loved that thing.


May 27, 1998

My laptop broke today. I kind of jumped on it. Maybe that's what broke it. But it was only my feet... and only because a lot of clothes as well as the case were on top of it. But HOWEVER it happened, the screen broke and ink is smeared all inside the screen. I might have to buy a new one. It might be $1000. But I'm not working anymore and I only get $3 a week allowance.


Ben LOVES technology. (And he's training to become a cage fighter.)

Some pictures to prove it....

He made my Christmas card with microchips.
When I said, "Pretty, glitter!" he pulled out a lighted microscope to show me.

Talking on a cell phone, looking at his iPhone, and using the
computer all at the same time. What a pro.

Because one computer screen just isn't enough sometimes...

Ben has no idea what he's getting into.

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