Monday, January 11, 2010

The Rings! (Yes, that's plural)

Ben covertly organized a lunch with my mom the Tuesday before he proposed. At the end of their conversation she gave him her engagement ring for me. Her ring is a beautiful pear-shaped diamond surrounded by 12 emeralds in flower petal fashion set in a thin, custom-made silver band. She and I have planned for a couple years now that I would use her ring when I was ready to get engaged. To keep it special for her and personal to me, we agreed to have her emeralds (which had been her favorite part) replaced with diamonds and made into their own new piece of jewelry.

Mom was so supportive she even dropped the ring off at a local jeweler for Ben while he was at work. He called them that afternoon and they said it would take 1.5-2 weeks to have the diamonds ordered and put in. Ben told them that was NOT ACCEPTABLE! He called 10 more jewelers and finally found one that had some time available to finish it by that Friday-- a short 4 days later! The new jeweler sent a runner to pick it up from the first Tuesday night. They ordered the stones Wednesday, they came in Thursday, and they spent all day Friday (literally until 5:30 pm) making it.


I have had two years to wonder what that sentimental, beautiful ring would look like with the adjustments made. The new ring (MY ring) hardly resembles the original at all! It is gorgeous, unique, and very personal and special to Ben and me.

A LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago I heard that after David Beckham proposed to Victoria she turned right around and pulled out a ring for him saying, "If I'm wearing a ring, so are you. Girl power." I've always thought that was awesome. The Sunday before a newly-engaged couple at our Single's Branch was joking about how the man didn't have to wear a ring but his fiance did. Hahaha... perfect.

I ordered this ring for Ben a couple weeks earlier (come on... was anyone surprised we were getting engaged?) and gave it to him Saturday night at dinner.

It's a funny picture, but I promise he was really excited!

Awwww aren't we so cute?

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