Friday, January 22, 2010

"Annie are you ok... You've been hit by-- you've been struck by-- a SMOOTH CRIMINAL"

Story time....

Ben and my's date tonight was to meet at our local rock climbing gym when we each finished work. I like rock climbing, I like this gym, I haven't been in a few months, and I'm eager for Ben to teach me new moves, but for some reason I really didn't want to go tonight. My stomach started to ache and I was thinking of excuses for us to do something else the whole drive there. When I saw Ben he was so excited to climb and called me out for "being sick" that I decided to give in and climb with him instead of breaking his heart.

I left my purse on the floorboard of the front seat. Ben always pays... it's a nasty habit I've started.

When we got into the gym he and I were both tempted to go back to my car because I left my contacts case and his camera in my purse.

But we didn't.

Two hours later there was a conversation that went something like this...

"Hey babe... Look at my car..."
"Anything look different to you?"
" Oh hey... your window is broken. You're window is broken! Your purse is gone!"

Yes, indeed, my sparkly silver purse was gone.

Things I lost:
-- one of my favorite purses that a special professor friend gave me
-- the necklace I've worn every day for almost 4 years with a Japanese coin on it from SAS (took it off a couple days ago for the temple but put it in my purse to remember to put back on)
-- my last APX pen (you may laugh, but i LOVE how those pens write. Friends would send them to me on my mission)
-- 3 books: A marriage/ love book I'd bought from the temple bookstore on Tuesday, The Book Thief (oh the irony...), and Jane Eyre.
-- My temple recommend (4th rec in 18 months.)
-- debit card, license, cash, etc. that can all be replaced
-- my favorite wallet of all time: soft leather dyed pink from Bangkok
-- Ben's camera with some pix on it I hadn't downloaded
-- My notes book with plans, ideas, #s, etc. for our sealing celebration

Silver lining:
--Ben was with me
-- I didn't flip out and neither was Ben
--Only the window was smashed, nothing else was wrong with the car. Its still drivable, so I can still go to work and still drive to Greenville to meet Ben for Wicked next week (yes, one of my first thoughts)
-- Most likely someone homeless stole it, so they got some cash that will hopefully go to good use.
-- Ben had an extra fleece and gloves in his trunk so I didn't freeze driving home with the window out
-- my temple bag and scriptures were still in the car
-- We got to see the police do that cool fingerprint detection thingy
-- There is a chance the thief left the purse somewhere
-- The spirit worked and warned me not to go... I was the one who didn't listen.
-- I got insurance on my new car two days ago
-- I had an excuse to blast my stereo to hear it over the open window. I LOVE MY STEREO. I have twin 12-amp speakers that make the whole car vibrate and makes Michael Jackson sound AMAZING.
-- My life had been going too well... a fiance, a new amazing job and a new car all in one week. It really isn't fair for just one person. I was due.
-- I didn't like that window anyway
-- I would normally have put my jewelry in my zipped wallet for "safe keeping", but forgot to tonight OR MY ENGAGEMENT RING, COLLEGE RING, AND WATCH WOULD ALL HAVE BEEN STOLEN, TOO.

Have a good day!


  1. Wow!! thanks for listing all the good things about it. That helped me to feel better. My favorite was,"I didn't like that window anyway" haha.

  2. My purse was stolen when I was a MSU and someone found it in a dumpster and called me..the money was still in it because it was hidden in a secret place. Maybe you will find it..I will pray that you will. Love your soon to be Mother in Law.

  3. Aghh! Can't believe it, but I'm glad you're okay, and able to look on the bright side.

    (Side note: Ben's first question when I told him just now... "Did they steal the speakers?")

  4. did ben find a use for all the broken glass? I can't picture ben letting something so useful like all that glass going to waste. :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your purse! I had my purse stolen too about 10 years ago, I felt so handled this wwwaaayy better than I did! Way to go sister!

  6. I've got a copy of The Book Thief, I can send it to you if you want to finish it!

  7. Update: Sunday I got my temple recommend replaced and we were back at the temple by Tuesday. Tuesday morning I spent about 10 mins in the DMV to get new car plates and a new license. That afternoon the glass repair company met me at my place of employment and fixed the window in the driveway in 30 mins. Thanks to SC state law, I didn't have to pay a thing :)

    And yes, I would appreciate a new copy of The Book Thief. I was right in the middle.


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