Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's A Party in the C-O-L-A

"Do you want to come to Ben's? We're gonna have a fire and maybe watch a movie... He has a bunch of old letters he needs to burn." --Suz
"Hey! Who is going to Ben and Susannah's?!" -- Melissa
"She meant Ben's! Only Ben's!" --Suz
"Then why are you inviting people over?" -- Matt
"Uh... Well... Ben wants... Hmm..." -- Suz

So some friends came over last night after FHE (I hate BUNKO).

Will, Melissa, Christy, Leila, Matt, Rebecca, Baxter, Jeremy, Ben (before Will and Dave got there)

The famous Will and Melissa

A nod to the wonderful Eagle Scouts of the world... thank you for your sacrifice, service, and ability to start a fire :)

Who knew Mom's Christmas gift to Ben would come in so handy? Baxter was the first to spend time trying to build something with these things.

He tried for so long to get that darn Santa up! It's amazing what concentration he can
have sometimes...

Don't look so humble, Baxter!

Matt fashioned a gangsta 'cklace from Ben's magic magnets

Christy got in on the action. Christmas Present definitely put to good use...

"Who has gas?" --Will
"Why do I feel like my soul is slowly being sucked out?" --Suz
"I'm an Eagle Scout and I'm from Fireland!" --Matt
"Vitas!" -- Rebecca


  1. Your blog title made me think of one of my friends. She's worked consistently over the past years as a waitress and had a man ask her in all seriousness the following:

    "Can I have an extra helping...of yo' number?"

  2. Also could I make it to the quote board with the following:

    "Spelunking is one of those words that sounds dirty but isn't."


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