Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pow Wow '09 Quotes:

"Wow...that was a lot of snow!" -Suz, pausing from singing J Mraz as we passed our first pile of white crusty stuff.

"Look! A mountain. AND snow!" -Suz, looking at a brown grassy knoll speckled with white.

"Ooooo....preeeeeetty. Look at the icicles!!!" -Suz

"Jason texted me to have fun in the snow and not get burned. Doesn't he know fire won't light in the snow?"
Ben laughs... "Are you joking? Can I blog this?"
"Only if you tell me what you're talking about... Is it a special snow thing?"
"What else could "burn" mean?"
"Um... When someone gets mean all up in your face?" --Suz

"I'd probably kill you if you Told someone else their eyes are pretty."-- Suz

Before seeing midnight fireworks at Appalachian Ski Mountain on New Years:
"You love fireworks don't you?" --Ben
"They're sparkles and fire!" --Suz
"What more do u need?"
"We should call them firesparkles."

While trying to hold hands at App Ski Mtn:
"It's hard to inter-digitize wearing gloves." --Ben
Suz laughs
"It's just a fact of life."

Ben trying to show Suz how to snowboard:
"Are you watching them get on and off their snowboards?" --Ben
"No. I'm mostly looking at what they're wearing." --Suz

Thing you only find in North Carolina:

Jack-in-the-Box restaurant
Ben and Susannah on New Years'
Southern accents at a ski resort
Lighted crosses on a hill (no joke)

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