Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catch-up Time

Whoa... So much has happened lately! I feel like I've been slacking on my bloggin duties because I don't have much time on the computer for this... I'm so sorry, blogging world :( Not that many of you even notice. No, I'm not being self-depricating, I'm trying to logic myself out of an invisible obligation. Stockholm Syndrome?

ANYWAY... Here's what you've missed!

 Ben and I are moving to....

by mid-July.


Mom went to China! She, my aunt, and my 80+ year old grandparents traveled around China for two weeks. She says they even all climbed the Great Wall of China, but I need proof before I believe it! She did bring back some great gifts, though.

Will, Colin, and Drew in their new outfits. The boys LOVED their
 kung-fu clothes! They even wore the shirts to school the next day!

Me and Drew. I just love the hat Mom got her! I felt like Nai-ho Kai lan wearing it!

Then Ben and I were invited to DeBordieu (pronounced Debby Doo and a bunch of other funny names by me and Ben) with the family I nanny for. We had a great time playing with the 9-mo-old and her 7-yr-old brother in the ocean and the awesome pool! I'll really miss them when we move :(

             The family I work for                                                                 Ben finally found someone to stunt with!

Me and my girl :) Doesn't she have the best smile?!?!?!?!

I love you, Ben! Thanks for being my entire world :)



  1. So cute! I loved your remarks about those code thingys, you are very clever, Susannah! Love ya!

  2. So sad that you're moving, but very thankful that you're only a couple of states away!

  3. yes, boo on moving, but yay for new experiences huh?!! well is there to be a girls night before you leave or no?! that is my question dear blogger ;)

  4. GREEN. I am positively GREEN with envy over here. Chris and I have been trying to move to Western Carolina for 2 years now. We just can't find a job and can't rationalize moving there without one...we'd be total granola-hippy-bums which is viable when you don't have a kid. But we have the kid and he's mostly worth the trade.

    You're going to have the best time! It's gorgeous and fun and just...everything is marvelous! You'll love it!

  5. Ok, ok... Don't turn into Alphaba on our account! Yeah, we are pretty excited to be moving there. Our first adventure will be to master whitewater kayaking, since it's something we both enjoy and there are muy excellente rivers and rapids closeby. Feel free to visit anytime! I'm campagning for us to get a 3-bedroom :)PS, I'm glad the kid is mostly worth it.


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