Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moving Day!

Let's review:

-- January 9: engaged

-- Jan 12: Suz starts new job

-- Plan sealing, Suz moves out of Moms, moves into Ben's

-- April 2: Married

-- June 25: End work and begin honeymoon vacation
I'll save you the effort of thinking and just tell you THATS A LOT OF


At least we didn't have to move ourselves. And that's a big "at least".
Which reminds me that we never posted pix of our apt in the first place!

We tried hard to make this "our" place, even though Ben had picked out
all the furniture and had been living there for a long time. That
meant rearranging the furniture, adding some fun color, and making new
pieces together. It was great fun for us as an engaged couple, and
felt great to start our marriage surrounded by thongs we both loved
and had made memories with.

We'll never have another first place.

Ben with our head mover, Brandon.

The shelves we designed and made ourselves. It made the apartment more colorful and added personality. Female, anyway, with Suz's glass flowers and female vase and Lladro statues!

Ben starts our deep cleaning early by tearing off our wall quote "Home isn't home without YOU" we had placed over the hanging pictures from our reception. Sad day!

There was no good view of our bedroom, but here it is...
The B and S letters were made for us by our friend Mary, and placed on top of the nightstands we each made for ourselves. Another easy, decorative, personal touch!

Suz is pretty proud of this bathroom. Come on... it matches so well! It took weeks to pick out a shower curtain we were happy with, and we finally found one that matched the interesting towels Suz wanted. Score!

Our living room...

Suz made these letters during the one night we couldn't see each other while engaged. It's funny what the hands are capable of when the heart is sad...

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  1. I'm SO sad that I never got to see your apartment. It looks/looked great! I hope you have a blast on your trip. Can't wait to hear more about it!


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