Thursday, July 1, 2010

If Ben jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? Yes!


Yesterday, our first full day in CR, we decided to hit the ground running. Flying, actually. More like dropping... but let's not get too technical.

We had wanted to go sky diving but heard from the friendly staff at the hostel that it doesn't exist in CR (it is mostly jungle, afterall... where would you land?). Next closest thing: Bungee jumping! So we made the decision to go as soon as possible-- before I could wimp out ;)

We heard some pretty funny stories from the hostel staffers about their experiences bungee jumping and had looked forward to seeing someone cry and take 30 mins to jump off, but we were actually the only two booked for this time slot. We missed out on some drama, but since no one else was around they did let us do some pretty cool stuff...

Ben got to be the one to push me off (I didn't scream on the way down and it only took a minute or two to get me off, but no, i'm not that tough: I definately needed help!)

And they let Ben just run and  jump off! 

It was a totally different sensation for us each. I was attached by my ankles (securely) and bobbed up and down before eventually staying upside down slowly losing awareness and conciousness, but Ben was attached by a harness around his waist and shoulders so he swung from side to side and could sort of sit down afterward. We got free t-shirts, diplomas, and a DVD of the jumps which we'll post later so you can get the full effect. 

Before: (very nervous body language)

After: (Much cooler)


  1. I have never ever had a desire to go bungee jumping, and I still don't. Good for you, though!


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