Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We like adventure, right?

Things got pretty crazy after La Fortuna. We planned on staying there two nights, doing some whitewater kayaking, then going to a different part of CR for zip lining and canyoneering and whatnot but decided at 10 pm to leave for Nicaragua asap. This is why I don´t plan much, Ben, things always change!

So we got an early bus from La Fortuna to Muele, waited an hour for a bus to Las Chiles, went through immigration to leave CR, took a ferry across the country border of Rio San Juan to the port town of San Carlos, and stayed there Thursday night.

LUCKILY we had a guardian angel the whole time. We met a guy waiting for our bus in Muele who was also crossing the border by ferry and took us under his wing. He spoke no English but understood our need and nervousness so he helped us get on the right bus to Los Chiles, told us when to get off, helped us with the immigration office, got us on the right ferry across and helped us pay the right amount, then helped us through the Nica immigration office and pointed us in the right direction of our hotel. AWESOME. I love meeting those people. We didn´t even get his name, but we are trying to pass on the good deed in his honor! People, be aware of opportunities to help others. They might really really REALLY appreciate it.

The ferry port.

 Changing of the guard... taking down the CR flag for entrance to Nica!

San Carlos was nothing to write home about, but we did have good timing (I can´t find the dash button on this keyboard, so pretend you see one) there was a fair in town! We didn´t get any pictures unfortunately, but the image of a strudy, small, abuela dancing to American hip hop is seared in our brains.

The next morning we took a 3 hour boat ride to El Castillo, a town on the Rio San Juan.  It was awesome! We only stayed overnight, but it was one of my favorite places.

Our hotel was the cheapest yet and was right on the river! It even had TV, AC, and a private bath. Unfortunately, it stormed so badly none of those things worked and the river rapids were so loud it kept us up at night. Best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

We had our tastiest meal there, too. Check out these locally caught shrimp! Ben compared them to Alaskan King Crab.

Ben took a tour of the castle, El Castillo. There is impressive history there. Just ask him.

So I wandered around and found a nice little cemetary to walk around in! Hey, that´s not creepy.

The next morning we took the 5 AM (yes, that´s early) ferry back to San Carlos to catch a flight from there to Managua. We had 5 hours to kill in the town before our flight, so we found some kids to help entertain us! Hopefully our kindness in giving them Smarties and teaching them some games (plato, plato, pollo!) will encourage them to have friendly  views of Americans in the future. 

Our airport consisted of a dirt path and one room for check in that didn´t even open until 30 mins before the flight! Whoa. 

Our 12 passenger crop plane. Unbelievable... but pretty cool to sit right next to the pilot and watch him read the newspaper while flying... 


  1. thanks for blogging! It is fun to follow your adventure.

  2. I'm glad those shrimp didn't eat you! Those things are huge!


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