Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is why I love family wards.

We love the Hickory ward we attend.  Ben was just called as Elder's Quorum 1st councilor, and I was just set apart as RS Secretary! Kind of cool to share these callings, but I feel in over my head as secretary  since I still don't know many people! Guess this is a blessing in disguise, so I can get to know them and serve people better. 

Anywho, today was our annual Primary Sacrament Meeting.  We showed up just at the beginning, and since it's a popular week for visitors it was already packed. But you have to get a good seat on Primary Sunday, right? So we marched up to the front and sat by some strangers... new friends... just a few rows from the front. It was Ben's first Primary Sunday in years, and we had  a great time (too good of a time) enjoying the ward children. 

In fact, we made a list of our favorite things. 

  • The blonde kid who points his hands like guns with one eye closed at the audience
  • The spiky-haired kid by Gabe jumping up and down waving (will someone just wave back?)
  • Mis-reading the scripture to say..."Whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have neverlasting life"
  • The sulky 11-ys-olds that don't want to be here
  • Gabe, 7, sticks his tongue out and points his finger to the audience during his song solo (KISS fan?)
  • The kid by the lightswitch who keeps turning it on and off (happens when there are over 60 kids...)
  • The overambitious chorister who tried separating the songs into parts 
  • In the middle of his solo verse of "Follow the Prophet" an older boy says into the mic, "Oh I just forgot."
  • Trying not to sing aloud to your favorite Primary songs
  • Little girl sits back in her chair, bored, and rests her script over her mouth
  • "When Christ was in the Garden of Gotham..."
  • Ben singing aloud with the Primary to their verse of the congregational hymn
  • Little boy by the pulpit scrunches up his face and holds up balled fists to sing the song with rock-like passion
  • By the end of the program half the kids aren't standing or singing along anymore. 
"Can we teach our kids to do funny stuff on the stand?" -Susannah
"Like what, give high-fives?" - Ben
"Yeah, run through the aisle and give high-fives like contestants on a gameshow!"
"I don't think we'll have to teach them that."


  1. Haha...Suz right after posting this: "Alright I'm done. I hope everyone is happy now. Geez."

    :) Sorry...we're just fans that can't get enough

  2. What are you doing online so quickly anyway?!?!

  3. Great post! Thanks for humoring me!

    PS> You two do talk in person, right?

  4. ok so it looks like to me like this new little family is missing at least one other 'somebody' or maybe lots of little someones....hmmm ;) i'm just sayin'!


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