Monday, September 27, 2010

N.O.R.W.A.Y. 'nuff said.

The awesome thing about working from home is having the freedom to travel with Ben (whose new job requires almost 50% travel).  A few weeks ago Ben was in Cleveland for 5 days, set to go to Norway for a week after that, and back to Cleveland a week later. Two weeks without him was UNACCEPTABLE, so we made a way for me to travel with him.

 To Cleveland? No... not that first time, anyway. I'd rather stick along on the trip to NORWAY!

Part 1: OSLO
After 13 hrs. of traveling in a HORRIBLE plane, we made it to Oslo-- one of my new favorite int'l cities. It is AMAZING!

Ben, who has been there before, took me to a beautiful outdoor park in the heart of the city.  It's famous for their naked statues. 

Ben introduced me to his favorite statue...

This one was mine!

I found something I love...

Ben found something HE loves!


A/D allowed Ben to get a rental car for the week, which he LOVED driving on the one-lane-no-direction-indicated-speed-roads of Norway. I was terrified, but he did great! I think there's a NASCAR fan in our family... 

Our hotel/ work was at the edge of a fjord 6 hours away, and we had such a great time driving out there.

Trolls are their national icon or something. No one could tell us why, but they are EVERYWHERE! Here's my nod to all my favorite "trolls"!

We took a detour to check out a gorgeous wooden church built on a hill. Isn't it a great idea to have a cemetery on a hill, with the gravestones overlooking the view?

Ben stopped to take pix of waterfalls all the time!

The good thing about not having a schedule is that you can take some time to play on a suspension bridge!

This picture was not re-touched!

We had to take a ferry across the fjord

And we're here! 

Our hotel and the plant Ben was visiting were on Sognfjord, a fjord that boasts that largest glacier in the world.  We decided to go there and add "climbed up a glacier in flip flops" to the list of amazing things we've done together.

It was really cool. I mean, neat. 

Part 4: OUR AREA
Sogndal is the largest city on Sognfjord, and it is small! 40 min. from the "big town", though, was the little village our hotel (and only our hotel) was in, and the town with Ben's plant was another 5 min. away. It was so cute... the towns are made up of just a handful of houses and a few hundred meters of land.

The view from our hotel room in our hotel in Marifjora

Across the lake is the town Ben was working in

There was NOTHING to do around Marifjora, so I was left to follow red dots up the mountain....

But it did lead to some amazing views of our fjord!

 And I met some new friends :)

After work one day we were told we should drive to a nearby sanitorium. This is where they took all the people who had Tuberculosis (in the middle of nowhere Norway with the clean mountain air) to cure the disease. Since then, however, the building has been vacant and is said to be haunted! 

We couldn't find a way in, though :(

Since water surrounds the fjords, there is lots of kayaking! Now that's more my style. 

The last day of Ben's visit the boss of the local plant decided to give the visitors a half day to tour the fjord by boat. It was so great!

But work is hard to get away from....

The point of the boat ride was to visit this Ulnes church, the oldest in Norway and protected by the World's Heritage Site list. It is also the official church of the King and Queen of Norway!

Part 5: The Road to Bergen
After Ben's 4 days of work were over, we made a very detour-y trip to Bergen, the second largest city in Norway.  Everyone told us it was different than any other city in the country and we HAD to find a way there. Well, going anywhere in Norway is a SLOW process...

We went on a funicular in Bergen. My first ever! Ben's engineer side had a blast.

A little cafe at the top of the mountain. It felt so European!

Yay for FUNiculars!

It really was a beautiful town.

Street market! 


You see structures with growing grass and weeds on the roof. 

People have names like "Thore Thoreson"

Goats cross the road.

Apple grow on bushes.

Things for sale aren't monitored- people trust you to put money in a box.

It's always cold, rainy, or foggy.

Skinny jeans.

We considered this trip a second honeymoon.  We had an amazing two-week trip to Central America, but it was stressful and adventurous- not the relaxing, easy trip a honeymoon should be. This was our relaxing, easy trip! Everyone speaks English, the food was great, it was beautiful, and we had a car and GPS. There were issues... we got a parking ticket it took an entire day figuring out, and I spent a lot of time bored, and Ben was working, but it was  a FANTASTIC trip!!!!!!!

Viva Norway!


  1. Awesome post and beautiful pictures! I just have one question... what's a fjord?

  2. sounds fun! love the new blog look with pic of you two! adorable!!! ;)

  3. oh i absolutely am in love with this new top photo. t o p c l a s s .

  4. AYour trip looks so fun! They have a troll like that at Norway in Disney World and I can pretty much track my growth looking at pictures of us as kids with it throught the years. It is nice to know it is authentic, even in Florida!! :)

  5. Really? They do? That is so interesting! The area of MI Ben is from is just below the Upper Peninsula, so people there are nicknamed "Trolls" (like living under a bridge, I guess...?). We were really surprised to see them everywhere in Norway, especially for no known reason!


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