Friday, October 1, 2010

I promised I'd add the video of US BUNGEE JUMPING IN COSTA RICA!!!!!

We bungee jumped in Costa Rica on the first full day of our honeymoon.  Crazy, right? But what an awesome way to start a marriage: with adventure, trust, pride, and a rush of emotion to see the person you love after thinking you might die.

I promised to upload this video, and finally have! I know it's long (didn't realize they would film straight from my jump to Ben's...) but it is hilarious.

Some things to look out for:
1. I do everything I can to stay on the platform, including leaning back and holding on to Ben.
2. Ben pushes me off!
3. I don't scream.
4. I DO yell and clap my hands for joy and pride that I actually DID that!
5. It takes a few mins. to get Ben into the harness, he doesn't start jumping until 7:00
6. Even though it was Ben's first time, they let him run off the platform!
7. He DOES scream.
8. I was attached at the feet, Ben is attached at the waist (sitting)

It was terrifying. 

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