Monday, October 18, 2010

I bet you had no idea...

My Mom came to visit this past weekend, which really cheered me up since Ben was gone this past week for work. 

How could THIS not cheer you up?

Something that my mom loves and passed on to me is ANTIQUING! 
I L-O-V-E to go antiquing, and stop at any antique store I find while driving through new cities. Luckily, there are a TON in our area!

Ben always busies himself when I get the itch, but I have been begging my mom to come visit so I can tour the stores with someone who appreciates a good treasure hunt with me.

Her obsession is hand-crafted quilts. I don't know much about quilts, and can't sew at all, but what I did learn I learned from her!

One of my passions is unique jewelry. I love the boxes of mixed-up earrings, charms, etc. at the front of each store. I will poke through them for a long time finding great pieces I can turn into necklaces, brooches, etc!

 These places are usually chock-full of really cool, unique things that can be pretty inexpensive and perfect for decorating (with just a little creativity and some patience to go through it all)

How cool is this vintage pram?! I will be buying tons of solidly-made rocking horses, high chairs, etc. (to refinish and cute-up a bit, of course) when we start having children!

I also love looking at funky linens. Friday I found three silk vintage neck scarves for $3/ each :)

You never know what you'll find... But there is probably someone out there for everything!

I'll post later about some of the antique treasures I've refinished and LOVE in our new home! 

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