Friday, October 22, 2010

The most embarrassing thing just happened.


It may surprise some of you, but I get embarrassed really easily, and usually hate being the center of attention. Giving talks or being in plays is different, for some reason, it's expected.  But times like my surprise lingerie wedding shower....? I about fainted. Multiple times. 

In the words of my older, wiser sister that night: "Wow, Suz has really changed."

It doesn't take a lot to embarrass me. 

Current story: 

I love to sing, and Ben often prompts a song from me by making simple statements. When you have a large music repertoire it's easy to pull one out with a line or two about what's being said. I'm sort of strangely proud of that, actually. 

When we were in Norway we went on a boat ride across the fjord to a really old, historic church.  Ben and I each wore sweaters for the boat ride, but once we got to land the sun was shining and we didn't need them. 

Ben: "It's hot out here. I'm gonna leave my sweater." 
Suz: "It's getting hot in here... so take off all your clothes... " (Oh come on, you know the song!)

Ben: "You made that up." 
Suz: "I couldn't have made that up!"

Today I remembered that exchange and wanted to prove to Ben that it is, in fact, a real song and that he is the only person over 6 who doesn't know it (including Cambodian orphans!). He told me he hasn't felt like himself lately, so I thought getting this video would be a little pick-me-up for him today (let's face it... the song is hysterical.)

So I searched for the song and found the video on YouTube  and was watching it in our living room to see if it was the edited version or not.  Meaning the volume was up pretty high. 

All of a sudden I hear our doorbell ring.  

It's 9:30 am, I'm in my bathrobe, listening to a ridiculous Nelly song, and someone is standing about 10 feet away just outside our door. 

To make matters worse, my laptop is HUGE and it took me a while to register what was going on and get the mouse over to the mute button! I was horrified, and the person at the door could tell. As I made my way to the door I heard him shuffling off, leaving our package at the door. 

Ben, your passport just arrived. 

Really? He had to show up during the most embarrassing 3 min. of my day?! 

Welcome to my world. 

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  1. NICE! But at least you'll never see the guy again.

    And, I commented on the antiquing post but it didn't show up for some reason. I'm telling you, your blog doesn't like me, or is very selective about my comments, or something. Anyway, I said in my other comment which does not appear that I think that first picture of Mom should play a prominent role in her 60th bday celebration.


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