Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's hear it for NEW YORK...

Ben's latest business trip took him to Orangeburg, just outside of NYC, so I begged along. Couldn't resist! I spent my mission in Queens and Manhattan, so we flew in a day early to JFK and spent all day Monday going around my old stompin' ground!

stop1: jamaica ave

We walked for miles all around Jamaica Ave visiting the church, library, street stores, 
and tracking down old members.  We found tons of cars with these 
anti-theft clubs on the steering wheels. Very Queens-y!

Gotta love the subway! 
stop 2: flushing meadows corona park

I was so psyched to show Ben one of my favorite places in the whole world: Flushing Meadows Corona Park! Hmmm... most of my favorite places are parks... But how can you resist this one which is home to the Steel Unisphere, 1964 World's Fair, Shea Stadium, U.S. Open tennis center, and the weird spaceship statues from MIB? 

Sometimes I get a little embarrassed to have my picture taken...

stop 3: graffitti park and hunter's point

An annoying subway ride away is 5 pointz, also known as Graffiti Park, an out-of-the-way alcove of building walls that are covered in professional graffiti.  Yes, professional graffiti. Artists are put on a waiting list to tag these walls, their work is reviewed and painted-over if it is too bad, and all the walls are re-painted every few weeks so there is always something new. May not sound a lot like me, but this is truly one of my favorite places in Queens!

Uncanny resemblance...

I am so impressed with how life-like (or at least photo-like) graffiti can be! Check out this shading!

How AMAZING is this place?!?!?!?!?!

We went back to jamaica ave after that and went to the missionary-run FHE at their branch. I got some amazing news that their minuscule branch has grown so much that they have a satellite group watch church in another room! I used to have to bus to each member's house to personally pick them up! The ward has grown so much the space they have reserved for a new, REAL building is finally being built! I was on cloud nine. 


  1. that is so cool about the graffiti! new york is something magical, eh??!!!

  2. How exciting about the Jamaica area! What a great bit of news to receive during your visit. And I'd love to see the graffiti sometime. I bet it's awesome in person.


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