Monday, November 22, 2010

New Toys

Ben discovered a new use for the vinyl-ized shower door in our hallway:

He also had some fun on 

Suz: "Hey look! There's a bar in the doorway!"
Ben: "Yeah. Do a pullup." 
Suz: "Ok, I'm up. Now what do I do?"
Ben: "Come down."
Suz: "OKKKkkkkkk......"

Now we each do 3 pullups if we're entering that room, or just passing by it 
(often... it's beside the bathroom.) Tons of fun! 

And he got me a Bagel Guillotine! How awesome is that?!?!?!?!?! 
I love bagels, and fun quirky things, so it was the perfect gift. 

Suz: "A bagel guillotine... that is so cool!" 
Ben: "Yep. This marks a new landmark in our relationship." 
Suz: "What are you talking about? "
Ben: "The first time you get a kitchen tool from your husband." 
Suz: "I really wish you hadn't put it that way......" 


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  1. That is so funny... I guess I'll just have to keep buying my bagels presliced, since I'm pretty sure my Ben will never buy me a bagel guillotine.


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