Sunday, November 13, 2011

How To Raise Triplets

Some things I picked up from spending time with Megan and the babes:

1. Give them a proper Welcome Home.

2. Swaddle as tightly as possible, as often as it takes.  Those kiddos are used to being in tight spaces, so it's a miracle for keeping them happy and calm!

3. You have two options for watching all three at one time.  

One in your arms, two within arms reach (for pacifier assistance).... 

Or one in your arms, one on your legs (when two need body comfort, but you can't put one in each arm on your own), and the third on the floor within arms reach. 

4. Let them sleep wherever they are!

5. Prepare all 36 daily bottles at one time.

6. Use a rolled-up blanket to support the bottles in each babies mouth.  You can't feed all three at one time alone!

7.  Enlist all the help you can get. Hey, 7-yr-olds can be some of the most tender babysitters :)

8.  Put them in really cute clothes their aunt made for them... 

9. It always helps to match... They are triplets, after all!

 Different colors works, too.  Just as long as they are so cute strangers stop you in the street :) (Be honest... You need all the validation you can get right about now!)

10. Attention, ATTENTION, A.T.T.E.N.T.I.O.N.!!!!!


  1. Good tips!! Kudos to Megan, she does a great job juggling 3 newborns :) They look like they get lots of love!

  2. Omigoodness. I still can't even imagine. But thanks so much for sharing this!!


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