Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Personalized Ultrasound Picture Frame

Prominently framing one of Eleanor's last ultrasound pictures has been on my mind for about a month now, and today I found the perfect frame for the project I had in mind at Michael's (so it turned out to be 40% off, too!)

It was perfect timing because Ben is out of town for a few days and I always get more emotional, sad, lonely, etc., etc.... when he's away.

So, as long as my loved ones were on my mind and I was missing them anyway, I may as well set to work on the craft project I've been planning for weeks!


Glue gun w/ glue sticks
Buttons (or ribbon, or other decorations)
Picture frame (with a flat-ish edge or grove for the decorations to fit into)
Baby picture

I was so excited to find bags of tiny buttons in shades of green and blue.  That is exactly what I had wanted to use, and never dreamed I would get so lucky! I chose these colors because I think Eleanor would love green and blue the most, and they match the balloons we released at her funeral. (I know I've promised funeral pictures, but I'm still not ready.  Sorry!)

Gluing the buttons on was so easy, so fast, didn't need to be too precise or careful, and I used way less of the buttons than I thought I would so I have extras in case I do a follow-up project ;)

Finished product!

I added her photo to our family wall, and rearranged the pictures already there so that she is underneath a picture of a statue of a mother and her child I took during our honeymoon in Nicaragua.  

She's also right beside the frame that used to have an engagement photo of us looking really goofy into the camera.  Ben chose that picture of us to add to her casket, and I haven't replaced it. I may one day, but for now I don't mind the reminder.  I like that her pic is beside the empty frame now... We gave ours to her, she gave hers to us!

I feel so wonderful that I've done this.  I love that I will see her everyday. I love that the matting makes her photo prominent.  I love that the frame is simple but personalized and fun for her.  I love that she is added to our family wall.

I am so happy! 


  1. So sweet. I"m glad you were able to do this positive thing. Love you!

  2. Such a cute idea and what a perfect ultrasound picture! Seriously, it's a perfect profile of her.


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