Saturday, March 24, 2012

Enjoying Spring in NC!

We have had incredible weather the past couple of weeks in North Carolina. It had been in the dreary 40s and 50s, or lower, all winter, then suddenly plateaued in the 70s overnight! This was perfect timing, since Ben and I both consider fresh sunshine to be a vital nutrient and this is an emotional, hectic time for us. We make an effort to do something outside EVERY DAY, because it helps lift our spirits and especially helps me concentrate on the future and staying positive.

I have scheduled an hour or two of outdoor time for myself every day where I either walk or sit and read in one of the nearby parks. In the afternoon Ben and I then get out for a second time together. Sometimes I prepare dinner in to-go containers and we picnic, or we'll both bring books and he can use it as study time, or we do something active.

Here are some of our recent activities:

{21 weeks pregnant}

Ben is incredible. He found a 4-leaf clover on St. Patricks Day after only looking for a few minutes!

We are very lucky :) 

Kayaking @ Lake Higgins
22 weeks pregnant

Lake Higgins is a really relaxed lake beside Lake Brandt. It was mostly being used by fisherman this time, since fish (apparently) spawn this time of year. Lots of drifting boats and fishing poles to paddle around, but no speedboats or water skiing allowed! Woo Hoo!

 Mine is the green SOT, Ben's is the beige playboat.  

It felt SO GOOD being back in my kayak! It has been almost a year since we've gone-- I was pregnant with awful morning/ motion sickness, we moved during the summer, and Ben needed shoulder surgery, so we were kept out of the water. I'm so glad we found a nice place to go, though, because the need to paddle had been driving me crazy!

Doesn't being outside make EVERYTHING better?

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