Friday, March 30, 2012

See our baby move!

This last week has gone really well, minus a few emotional/ hormonal episodes!

Suz: "I'm feeling pretty BLAH today."
Ben: "Ok, we should do something fun. What would you like to do?"

Suz: "I don't know..."

Ben: "Hmmm... what do you consider fun lately... 
Let's go buy baby clothes and talk about bad NC drivers!"

 Ben knows these few weeks are crunch time for me, so he has made an effort to take his morning calls at home then come back home for lunch most days. Thanks, honey :)

I'm also really proud of starting to make and follow to-do lists! It is so easy and something every one of you probably already does, but I realized I've been having trouble sleeping due to a lot of stresses from the day that seem to get forgotten then pile up. You know how something seems too insignificant to actually do during the day, yet that nugget becomes a boulder of importance when you're ready to put the day behind you? I hate that feeling, but it loves me!

Writing down the insignificant things (knowing I'll remember the big things) and then crossing them off my list is such a rewarding feeling. Making dentist appointments for us both a month in advance- check! Doing 3 or 4 simple things a day that aren't work-related helps me feel like I've accomplished more and that I'm being a good wife to Ben, since most of the items have to do with a grocery item we ran out of and need or laundry and other chores. I haven't been feeling too "wifely" lately, more concerned with my own work and the pregnancy and taking care of myself, so accomplishing a few little things (then pointing them all out to Ben) really help me feel like I'm giving back to him and our household and helps me stay in control of my own life, mind, and emotions. Recognize your limitations, then celebrate the little things :)

As far as Dragon (no, we aren't any closer to a permanent name) is concerned, he is just fantastic. He doesn't seem to have a schedule, but will move randomly throughout the day strong enough for me to always feel and sometimes for Ben to feel. In fact, we can now see him move!

Check this out: You can see the baby moving at 23 weeks! The most movement is between 15 and 40 secs. on the right side.
Made at 23 weeks 2 days pregnant
Song: The Lucky Ones by Tim Myers

I had noticed the I could see his movements the day before while we were each working on a computer, but Ben couldn't see it :( (Maybe because of the angle- I was looking straight down?) So I made this video last night to show Ben after he was finished studying! What a great surprise. And now it's one of my favorites, even though it's of my own belly! 

You see me breathing deeply, though, because I was getting so excited! I know these are the things that really build our connection, and I truly appreciate it. I am not one of those women complaining that the baby's movement keeps me awake at night!

Here is another one that is much shorter: 

Song: Paradise by Coldplay

I also went to my midwife today for an appointment and we both passed with good results!

 Strong heartbeat
Moves a ton
50% weight
90% height

Finally a whopping 3 lbs. past pre-pregnancy weight! 

4 weeks until our next Type II ultrasound...


  1. what a neat experience for you!! You have a beautiful little baby bump and it's so exciting to see that baby moving!!!!

  2. How fun! That was the best part of pregnancy was feeling Emily move, she moved around like crazy!!

  3. That's SOOO exciting!! I love that you took a video of it.

  4. I get really excited every time I feel our baby move too. It's an awesome feeling and it never gets old. I actually just wrote a blog post about that too haha

  5. Very cool - para, para, paradise...


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