Thursday, April 26, 2012

27 week update: The perfect pregnancy week

After a trial of a week, this week has been nothing short of amazing- filled with wonderful pregnancy news from top to bottom!

Blood Glucose Test Results

Last week I was pretty surprised to have {what I considered} rapid weight gain of 4 lbs. in one week, and became convinced that it was the result of either Preeclampsia or Gestational Diabetes. My midwife didn't think Preeclampsia was much of a threat for me, but having a previously un-diagnosed stillbirth is a risk factor for GA so I went in for my blood glucose test last Friday.

I heard the results of my test on Monday and was very surprised and so excited that I PASSED! Not only did I pass, but "regular" blood/ glucose results range from 70-140 and my results were 72- so close to the abnormal range that I was told I am borderline hypoglycemic: that my metabolism is so high that my body produces extra insulin and burns off fats and sugars even faster than normal people. 

Being hypoglycemic answers a lot of questions for me and clears up a lot of issues I've been dealing with my whole life- issues with regular weight gain, poor sleeping habits, migraine headaches, etc. That diagnosis was a huge relief- I love opportunities to understand myself better! 

Plus, it means I'm encouraged to eat even more fats, carbs, and sugars, and cut back on strenuous exercise.  Every pregnant woman's dream! Bring on the ice cream and potato chips... doctor's orders! 

Ultrasound Update

6 weeks ago I went in for my second Type II ultrasound because the first, at 17 weeks, showed some issues with Dragon's heart.  At that second ultrasound we also saw an abnormality with his brain! Those are two of 7 markers for a serious chromosomal disorder, so I was scheduled for a third ultrasound at 27 weeks- the earliest we would be able to tell if these issues would clear up on their own as Dragon continued to develop. 

The ultrasound was scheduled for this morning when Ben would be able to come with me {he insisted I change the appointment so he could be there :) }

We had to wait for about 45 mins to be seen, which was excruciating. I had let myself forget how serious these results could be, in fact, until Ben asked how I was feeling during the drive to the hospital. How was I feeling? How should I be feeling? Oh, yeah... Then it was all I could think about while sitting in the waiting room. I had two books in my purse, my iPhone and the iPad with internet, and I had no desire to distract myself at all! 

We were rewarded for our patience with excellent results!!! Dragon is absolutely perfect!!! In the words of the specialist: "I only wish there was someone around to teach, his heart is so perfect!" and: "Look at that fluid... just perfect..." He is also measuring 2 lbs. 4 oz, which is 49.7%. "He is perfectly average!" 

Ben: "Is he still tall?" 
Suz: "We will have a tall child. There's no doubt of that."

Every condition has cleared up, and he even turned from facing my back to facing forwards just in time for some truly remarkable 3D shots! 

I was poking around trying to get him to change position for us, and Ben asked,
 "Do you like feeling him move?" to get me to smile! Hehe :)

Maybe this child isn't too good to be true. 


  1. So glad to hear things are going well!

  2. This makes my heart so happy! Those "can't distract myself" moments are definitely tough but so glad you got such good news!

  3. That is awesome news!! Yay for your little guy :)

  4. Atticus had the same cyst, which was pretty scary for us too! Glad it went away and he is doing well!

  5. This made my day. I seriously couldn't help but cry because I am just SO HAPPY.

  6. hooray!! that is great news!!! so happy for you two!

  7. Suz, I am so relieved that everything is okay. Yeah for a healthy baby!!


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