Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby at the Beach!!!

We made a last-minute trip to the beaches at Wilmington, NC, for the long Labor Day weekend. When you live 3.5 hours from amazing beaches (as in fun and touristy but still casual and old-fashioned) you should go more than once a year, right? The last time we went was just over a year ago because we needed a diversion after Eleanor was born, but this trip was all F-U-N!

Before we were stormed out, of course ;)

We bought this great pop-out baby tent for Whit the night before we left. It is really lightweight and easy to set up and came in really handy! We do a lot of things outside, so this will be very useful for a long time :)

Getting ready for his first dip in the ocean...

...and it's not too bad!

We dipped his feet in a few times and he seemed pretty indifferent to the whole experience. He eventually started to pull his legs up, but we didn't get the standard scream I was expecting. Like I said, he's a pretty intense little guy. 

 These are some of the first photos I have with Whit! I'm usually behind the camera (and have some great shots of Ben and Whit), so I'm thrilled Ben got some good ones of me and my baby!

I think his body language is pretty funny in this one :)

 I love this one! When Ben saw it he surprisingly said, "Wow, he looks happy." Insult, or observation...?

We spent Sunday touring Downtown Wilmington, got some authentic gelato (my first! We even did it right with a scoop of pistachio. I was skeptical, but it's really good!)

...And a walk by the river!

It was a great place to go, and I know we'll try to go again! 


  1. AW!

    How do you keep from smooching those poochy baby lips all the time?

    Whit's...not Ben's. I'm assuming you kiss your hubs a lot.

    Those are some darling pics of you and your boy though! Well done, Ben!

  2. I love Wilmington. Haven't been in years, would love to go back someday. Looks like you guys had a great time.

  3. I love those pictures! Goodness you got skinny again quickly.

    And THANK YOU for going to the beach when you live so close. Gosh how I've missed the beach this summer.

    When you were doing your tourist rounds on Sunday, how much time was spent viewing Dawson's Creek spots? Just curious. :-)

  4. Looks like a lot of fun, I love that baby tent! So happy that you guys had a good trip; maybe we can go there together sometime..

  5. SO fun!!! I love all of your pictures. Whit's adorable :)


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