Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh The Places You'll Stay

 A poem for my baby..

Oh, The Places You'll Stay

Today I read “Oh the Places you’ll Go”. No, not to myself, but my seven-week-old.
I love that it teaches people of all ages to have fun and try hard despite challenge or wages.
It’s a great lesson to learn more than once through the years, but today’s recitation caused just a few tears
Yes, crying is something I do quite a lot- not because I’m depressed, ‘cause unhappy I’m not,
I’m just sentimental for (won’t you agree) Whit shouldn’t grow up “just as fast as a weed”!
He already weighs a new pound every week and we’ve all but forgotten his once-wrinkly knees,
He’s started to smile, his head stands erect, his intelligent gaze you’d never expect
He now sleeps through the night without dawdle, and often succeeds in out-maneuvering the swaddle,
During Tummy Time he inches and squirms towards the wall so it’s only a matter of time ‘till he crawls
And then he’ll be standing, then walking, then run, and I do understand that that phase will be fun
But it’s coming too soon! I wish time could slow down until some magic back-to time machine can be found
But here is the truth, the gist of the facts is that time will keep ticking so I’ll do well to relax
And enjoy this not-newborn-baby ‘fore he disappears into unrecognizable teenage-ish years
When he leaves on his mission, goes to college, gets married and he has his own tiny baby to carry
For now he’s still mine and all mine he’ll remain (though I suppose his Dear Dad has a similar claim)
He still grips my finger and sleeps on my chest, he follows my gaze so I feel very blessed
To be trusted with this delight of a bundle so I’d better step back and try not to grumble
I’ll just hold him tight (but not too tight, don’t worry) and try to prevent moving on in a hurry
Because yes, there are mountains waiting for Whit to climb, and roads to be chosen but, in the meantime,
Put all those thoughts out of sight and away and let’s appreciate all of the places you’ll stay. 


  1. ummm....i absolutely LOVE this! You should print this out and keep it framed in his room!

  2. Aww that's super cute Susannah! :)

  3. i love the black and whites. he's such a cutie and that onesie is awesome.


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