Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Week of Firsts Videos

At Whit's 4-month appointment his pediatrician suggested we start feeding him solid foods. My jaw hit the floor. Solid food? That's for big babies-- my baby is still little. Right? Well, my little baby is now growing up. The same week he started solid foods he also laughed for the first time, started to sleep 8-8, and rolled over.  

Whit's first attempt at solid food: 11/20
Recently I've been called a "hippie mom." Kind of a lot. So I'm going with it. My goal is to not feed our baby processed food unless absolutely necessary, so his first real food was mashed fresh bananas. 

As you could see he wasn't really into it. I know consistency and patience are key when introducing new things, so we kept trying solid foods at my mom's house for Thanksgiving break over he next few days. My hope were low, but the very next day he seemed to love it! We fed him rice cereal with a different spoon, which made a huge difference. We deduced that our baby spoon at home had been uncomfortable across his gums, so now we feed him a mix of cereal and mashed bananas ever night. He slobbers it up like the Beast in the fancy dinner scene, but keeps opening his mouth for more! We have to feed him at night because it takes two of us to wrangle him. Ben usually holds him in a sitting position and keeps his hands away while I feed him. 

Whit laughing: 11/23/12
Whit laughed for the first time on my birthday, November 23.  We were in Columbia visiting my family for Thanksgiving. My mom was watching him in the morning while Ben ran an errand and I slept in. I said to her that afrernoon, "I've tried playing peek-a-boo, blowing on his tummy, and everything else people say babies love but I can't get him to laugh! This kid is made of stone!" Mom: "He laughed for me." "No he didn't. He squealed." "No, he laughed." "No he didn't." "OK, he didn't. But he really did." She showed me how to tickle under his neck and he really did laugh! It was amazing. "He laughed throughout the day, then not again for a few more days. This video is from him laughing at a restaurant. He still doesn't laugh often enough to see a pattern, but that's ok!

Whit rolling over: 11/27
For weeks Ben had been saying that Whit rolled over, but it was always when he was the only one around. Convenient.... Well, he finally rolled over for me and I got his second attempt on camera! (Thank you decent smart phone!)

Did you catch that? 3 new things in one week! Watch out, world: Whit is coming!


  1. love the laughing one! That is so cute!!

  2. Grace watched that first one, and said, "Baby not want applesauce...he wants a popsicle!" So, get on that, Susannah! haha
    Loved those videos! Makes me miss having a sweet little baby!

  3. Bennett still hasn't figured out tummy to back. He started back to tummy, and I guess he loves tummy time so much, he just doesn't even try. So special that Whit laughed on your b-day! The best present ever :)

  4. The laughing is the best. And I get to see him doing all this stuff soon!!!


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