Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas from Mini Santa!

I have really looked forward to taking shots of my baby against Christmas lights since my sister-in-law posted gorgeous pictures of her baby girl in a wrapped box playing with lights last year. I bought the props for this photo shoot weeks ago (I even ordered a special red diaper for this!), and finally got around to taking and editing them!

Ben helped me a lot with this photo shoot. He distracted Whit while I cleared a space and set up, then helped  get Whit to smile and focus for the camera. He got frustrated after a while though, after I repeatedly promised, "Just one more!"

The thing is, though, that I cherish every extra shot. I just can't get enough of this little boy. I want to soak in every moment of him, and when I take pictures or video those become moments I get to keep forever. He is growing up right before my eyes, so, believe it or not, I pore over this blog re-watching, re-reading, and remembering all his milestones I've captured and recorded. Am I afraid he'll leave me soon, or that I'll wake up and forget everything about him? Not sure. But I am obsessed with soaking in every expression, gurgle, and yes, even cry. 

What can I say? I'm his mom, and I think he is absolutely perfect. 


"Don't let go, Dad!"

Let's get a close-up of that:


 "Uh... Guys? A little help, please!"

 "I think I'll just take a little rest..."

 "Did I do that...?"

Ha! Isn't he the absolute BEST? I mean, EVER?????


  1. those are so cute! Especially the black and white where he is holding the Christmas lights!! Love the throw up one too! Haha!!

  2. oh man these are SO good! Love the perfect ones, and the not-so-perfect ones. Glad you like the camera!!

  3. Ok, I totally started out all melty and gooey because, Sus, he is SO stinking CUTE! I would totally want to just smooch and smush all over him too!

    And then I got the the picture of him puking and I'm just...totally...still cracking up LAUGHING! It's so much funnier when it's not your kid and your shirt that now stinks.

    Oh are about to have the very best Christmas EVER. Enjoy every minute of it. You deserve every last drop of joy that comes with it!

  4. It was super adorable until that last He's going to love you for that one one day!! Hahaha


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