Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Greensboro Collegiate Biscuitville Run!

Two weeks ago Ben casually mentioned an unusual invitation he'd received. It was to join a team of colleagues to compete in a 4-member relay sponsored by a favorite local chain restaurant, Biscuitville. Each member was to race through one biscuit-related relay, run .7 miles around a few city blocks, finish with a pass through a flour shower, then pass a mini rolling pin to the next team member.

My immediate reaction was YOU. MUST. DO THAT!

Because I love the opportunity to photograph him looking so hilarious.

And this didn't disappoint!

The Avery Dennison team 

All 4 members of each competing team stayed at the race beginning until their team name was called to begin and a member passed the rolling pin. 

Avery Dennison was called second so Ben (relay #1) set off to be #1! He not only immediately boxed out the competitor called with him but also overtook one of the original 2 called minutes before him! 

Relay #1: Sweet Tea Tumble

I love this picture of Ben (notice the shadow) running through the flour shower: 

That other guy didn't have a chance when Ben saw they'd have to run up to and climb over a wall to slide into the sweet tea while holding a lemon in their mouths. Ben + climbing = FAST! No matter how many lemon slices he's chewing. 

Passing the rolling pin to the next team member while they all waited at the starting line: 
(Side note: I was waiting at the next relay with a friend and our babies, but Ben ran through his .7 mile loop so quickly that I had to sprint to run ahead of him to get pictures of him flying through the flour shower and to keep up as he passed the rolling pin.... 
I was exhausted. No marathons, races, or relays for me!)

Relay #2: Run through pancake batter tires while carrying a piggy. 

Since Tiesha was one of the first racers at this relay the volunteers still weren't really sure how to advise her. This moment was pretty funny, she finished the tires and was ready to run her loop and said to the nearest volunteer, "Uh, can I give this to you...?" 

Relay #3: Buttermilk Slip 'n Slide

The buttermilk slip 'n slide was my favorite! Volunteers had huge batches of buttermilk in buckets they would throw on the racers as they jumped on the balloon thingy. The racers were so enthusiastic and so grossed out at the same time, and the volunteers loved dousing them! It was AWESOME. 

Relay #4: Jam crawl! 

I actually missed seeing Beth do the jam crawl (total bummer, it seemed awesome), but Ben was standing ready and got some good pictures with my phone! Yay for modern technology! Annnnnnnd there were a ton of racers crowding her when I tried to catch her getting through the flour shower so I had her re-play the moment for better pictures afterward. Soooooooo I didn't take the first pictures and the second are fake. Judge me. 

And the Avery Dennison team after the relay!

 Aren't they a glorious mess?

A good friend of ours from church, Seth, was racing with a team from his office so his wife, Alta, and I hung out (with our matching Canon 60D cameras!) to take pictures from different angles of our husbands. It was great to have a friend there to keep an eye on Whit while I ran after the A/D team, and fun to commentate with someone about all the sillyness we were witnessing! She took the awesome pictures of Ben going through the sweet tea tumble, and I got these of Seth at the buttermilk slip 'n slide: 

Our friends!

Even Whit got in on the Biscuitville fun with one of the free breakfast biscuits they were distributing!

It was SO. MUCH. FUN.  

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  1. Awesome. But it makes me wonder what everyone did in order to drive home in their cars... were there showers? Or did they just sit on towels?


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