Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Price Lake Trail Hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Ben has been traveling across the state to a little town nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains for work every week. I love coming with him. We used to live nearby and I enjoy visiting friends, I love getting a break from home and work, it's fun to stay in a hotel, and I like watching Ben interact with his colleagues during group lunches and dinners. But, honestly, the #1 reason Lenoir is fun to visit is it's proximity to the Blue Ridge Parkway. A mere 20 minute drive along one road takes us from Lenoir to Blowing Rock- a quaint resort town with fantastic restaurants, great shopping, and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Driving into Blowing Rock and seeing the incredible views of hills and valleys covered in a lush, green blanket actually feels like home. I can release a deep breath I didn't even realize I'd been holding. It's wonderful.

I need to make one important clarification: I {practically} hate to hike, but I love to walk. So when Ben suggested we take a family hike on a trail in the Blue Ridge Parkway during one of his business trips I was thrilled to realize it was more of a stroll than strenuous. I guess I'm just more of a I'd-rather-not-feel-like-I'm-dying-when-I-decide-to-stop-and-smell-the-roses type of gal :) I always blame the fact that I have a breathing disorder which makes strenuous activity really difficult. And, hey, it's probably true!

This "hike" was amazing. It was a 2.7 mile loop around a beautiful lake right off the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Price Lake Trail in the Julian Price Memorial Park. The weather was great, the walk was fun, the scenery simply delicious, and practically deserted. Seriously, what more could you ask for? Seriously?

This little guy is such a cheeser! I wasn't feeding him Cherrios, making funny faces, or inducing his smiles in any of these pictures in any way. He just loves the camera and pulls out that grin at every opportunity! 

I especially love this photo because he is crinkling one eye just like I do when I smile. Crinkle eye + dimples means this boy gets at least one characteristic from his mommy: His smile! Woo hoo!

When we passed this tree Ben commented, "Well that guy just gave up." Ha! There is a dam at another edge of the lake, so maybe the beaver decided modern technology wins...? Take that, nature. 

Ben took this family photo with his new iPhone 5. He'd been whining (yes, whining is the right word.) about his BlackBerry for years, and it hit a high when his company announced they would allow employees to use the new iPhone. His BlackBerry suddenly stopped working soon afterward (sounds too convenient, but it's true!), and he was bestowed a precious new iPhone 5 on Monday. The resolution is great, and I am glad its easy to take pictures of the three of us now! (Notice my eye crinkle when I smile.) 


  1. so cute!! Love the pics! Looks like a great place to explore

  2. That toothy grin! How on earth do you do anything but grin at him all day?!

  3. LOVE the pics of Ben and Whit on the dock, especially the water splashing one! You have such a cute family, thanks for taking the time to share all your adventures!

  4. I love your cute little family!! You are soooo right, when whit is serious he is the spitting image of ben but when he smiles he looks just like you!!


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