Thursday, May 2, 2013

The little things

Melissa (M) often leaves comments on pictures saying, "He's so cute! How do you do anything but squeeze him all day?!" (or something to that affect.) Well... Honestly... I don't get much done, unless kissing and snuggling this little man counts as a daily accomplishment! I am just absolutely addicted to him. I often have to set him down, walk away, or hand him to Ben because the urge to SQUEEZE overwhelms me and I'm afraid of hurting him! (Lennie Smalls disorder? Can that be a real thing?)

He has become so mobile and tactile lately. He concentrates on tasks and uses his hands, fingers, legs, and feet to delicately accomplish things. Here are some of the things I have come to adore recently: 

Light touches, sweet kisses, and bear hugs just make my day!


  1. Awwwwww. I'm just a puddle of goo over here! It just makes me grin until my face hurts.

    I have to say, one of the things I love about babies is the GUSTO with which they live their life. The big WIDE open mouths, grabbing on to things and squeezing them to powder, picking something up and then throwing it just because they CAN, the magic of being able to hold on to someone and dance. And they are so utterly delighted by these really little things! It just cracks me up.

    When do we forget to live our own lives like that?

    I'm so glad you're hugging and squeezing and smooching on him...these babies. They're hard earned, they break your heart into a million pieces, our bodies are never ever the same, but they're totally worth it.

    (I still have the resist the urge to dip my children in chocolate and swallow them whole. I can't help it, their cuteness makes me feel really greedy.)

  2. it's great to catch all those things he can do on camera!


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