Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Andy & Amy's Shabby Chic Farm Wedding

My brother, Andy, has met a fantastic woman and we were absolutely thrilled to go to their magical wedding two weekends ago in Roseville, CA. His wife is so together! They had a theme in mind and she completely went with it down to every detail. It was a wedding from Pinterest, Etsy, and Better Home and Gardens all wrapped into one! Truly, being with so much family for such a special occasion at this fantastic wedding/ party was an incredible experience. 

There are around 70 photos here so I understand if you aren't interested in all of them, but I just had so much fun taking pictures that I just had to share! 

The Set-Up

Waiting to Begin

Andy pretended to get hurt while Mom pinned on his boutonniere. Classic. 

Isn't my niece, Eliza, one of the most gorgeous children you've ever seen? Besides Whit (and your own child), of course! 

I love this photo of my niece, Cat's, tulle in silhouette!

Andy and our nephew, Jack :) So sweet! 

There was no wedding party, only flowers girls. How sweet is that? I walked into the barn/ shed where Amy was waiting with the flower girls for the ceremony to begin and stumbled on the sweetest conversation between them all. Amy was so sweet with her troupe, who, of course, were thrilled to be a part of her special "Princess Day"! 

Unfortunately, I was using a 50 mm fixed length lens for this impromptu shot, so I couldn't get high enough for a full shot :( I learned my lesson...

The Procession & Ceremony

Our nephew, Jack, carrying this sign was a surprise to Andy. We had to really yell at Andy to turn around so he would see it!

That was when Andy started to lose it... 

...Until he saw Amy being walked down the aisle.

I *love* this photo of Amy! It really captures how happy she was!

We were all crying like babies. The mood was perfectly set by the sweet procession of flower girls and a sweet, simple (yet incredibly detailed) setting, but I (and most others, I think) lost it when Jack came down the aisle to surprise Andy with the "Here comes your girl!" sign. And the tears didn't stop there. No, I've been crying even going through these pictures! But this photo of our mom just breaks my heart. In a good way. We are all just so happy. 

 Aftwerwards and Dinner

They thought of every detail for the perfect shabby chic farm wedding. Lace and twine around jam jars holding garden flowers and candles, old fabric squares as napkins covered by silverware tied with twine, wooden chairs, white linens and a lace table runner, even a good ole' fashioned food truck! Yup, food truck. Apparently my brother was in charge of food :) 

Andy parents {Left} with Amy's parents {Right} at the family table

Cake and Dancing

Before cutting the cake we watched a short movie depicting interviews from and about the couple projected onto a sheet. It was so sweet, and a very well-done montage. It will be a great memory for them!

One cake wasn't enough for this stylish duo. No, three cakes were in order, each with their own sweet decoration and covered with pale flowers. No complaints from the peanut gallery!

It was such a magical day, and they are an incredible fun! There is no doubt they will always be in love and have a life of fun :) 


  1. Thank you so much for posting these! We love Andy and are SO happy for them!

  2. Beautiful pictures and a lovely wedding! I love those little flower girls - a brilliant idea.

  3. Oh, I love everything about this! Did you take those pictures? If you did, wow. They look amazing! You are multi-talented! :)

  4. Awwww. I'm just a puddle of mush over here and it's not even my family!

    1) Yes, aside from Whit and my own children, Eliza is GORGEOUS.
    2) Whit has the BLUEST, CLEAREST eyes I have EVER seen. Be still my beating heart. (My babies don't have blue's the only trait they inherited from their mother. I feel like I'm living in a bizarre Harry Potter universe where everyone who meets them says, "Oh, but you have your Mother's eyes..."
    3) LOVE the sign of Here Comes Your Girl and Andy crying! He's so snarky and funny, that I never would have imagined him crying at all, EVER. So sweet! And so glad you documented it!
    4) LOVE the pic of you and Brett and Megan! Makes me so happy to see 3 happy sisters all together! YAY!
    5) I don't really have a fifth, I just always have to make lists in prime numbers. I don't know why.

  5. Love you photos of the beautiful event, Suzanna!

  6. Oh my goodness!!! I loved all the pictures. You are an incredible photographer!!!! Loved this Susannah. Thanks for sharing. Keep tagging your posts to fb as I'm not good about checking blogs but will check via FB. This was an incredible day and you captured it!


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