Saturday, May 18, 2013

Whit @ 10 Months!

Our little guy is almost a year old. Wow, how time flies! Yet I can almost remember every painful moment of getting to this point when I think back on his infancy :) The memories are still fresh, which may be why we are enjoying Whit more and more the older he becomes! He is already so fun now. I can't wait for him to be walking, talking, and interacting with us more!

Whit wasn't very interested in posing for pictures today (or even sitting alone), so you'll have to take my word for it on the new advances he's been making!

*Will push a hand away when he doesn't want someone to touch him. Usually me. So sad :(
*Lunges for his crib when it's time for naps or bed. I don't have any time to burp him or sing a lullabye! But I'm putting this in the "plus" category, anyway.
*Can use almost anything to stand up. This has actually concerned me a few times when I turn around to see him standing very precariously...
*Has stood on his own a few times for a couple of seconds!
*Squirls away food. Honesly. We will give him something to chew on then notice it still in his mouth up to an hour later! He even does this with food he loves. He just likes to keep it in there to suck on for a while! Closet fatty?
*Shares his toys and food. This is especially important becuase he LOVES his food! Sometimes he will be holding food in his hand and take a break from feeding himself to stick his fist of food into my face and smile. It is so cute! I use is an opportunity to show him the sign "thank you", even though he has NO INTEREST in signing. Yet...
*Bear crawls! We noticed him starting to straighten out his legs as he crawls, and even try to straighten then tuck them underneath him like he's trying to stand up. Sorry, kiddo- you're not that big yet ;)
*Loves anything liquid, especially smoothies! He drinks them, and anything else, through a straw like he's breathing. He will hold the cup and suck continuously from the straw quickly and forcefully until there's nothing left. Then cry for more.
*Uses his wrist to push fallen food back into his mouth. I love it!
*Sits back on his heels so he can move around easier when he wants to. This is especially helpful when he finds something to stand up with!
*Really enjoys music. I think he always has, but he's started to really show it. By now he will actually stop crying when he hears me sing!
*He loves interactive toys. His favorites are stacking cups he likes to pull off and put on, and one with 5 pop-up chambers he can pop up and push down.
*He can place a block inside a slightly larger square. Yay for fine motor control!

Last week we spent a few days in San Fransisco and picked up this ADORABLE monkey hat for Whit. I have a fondness for sock monkeys, so I couldn't resist the opportunity to take a picture of all the little animals!

Love you, Little Whitsy-Bitsy-puddin'-N-Pie-Love-Bug-Buggy-Boy-Monkey!

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