Sunday, December 8, 2013

Whit and the Very Purple Crayon Halloween!

I didn't give much thought to our Halloween costumes this year.


I knew I wanted to do some sort of group costume, but what? The options are endless! A friend of mine showed me the Rainbow Fist costume she was making for her daughter, which gave me the idea to find some literary theme for our costumes. I love reading and Whit loves getting stories before naptimes and bed, so it was perfect! After a lot of internet searches I found the perfect inspiration: Harold and the Purple Crayon!

I follow this tutorial for ideas on Whit's costume, a giant crayon, and putting the colored book pages on t-shirts for Ben and me, but I put my own twist on it: VINYL.

I made a vinyl stencil of a crayon and painted it onto purple felt the giant crayon he could carry, used purple vinyl to make permanent tshirts for us, and purple wall vinyl to make a car sign mimicking the book cover.

It really pays off to have a vinyl business :)

The first time we wore our costumes was for our church's Trunk-Or-Treat party. I was really proud of our creative group costume, but it wasn't so clear to others. A friend of mine dressed her entire family up as smurfs (including wigs and blue body paint) then complained to me that no adults were dressed up. We weren't dripping in body paint, but hey- I put a lot of thought into our costumes! 

We even took him around to a few houses on our street the night of Halloween to introduce ourselves to our neighbors. Everyone was excited to meet Whit, but, once again, no one really understood that we were Harold and the Purple Crayon. Oh well. Maybe Where the Wild Things Are next year...? 

While I was outside handing out candy to others Ben took some photos of Whit's antics inside... 

If you didn't know, one of Whit's favorite foods is plain, cold, tofu. One of his least favorite foods is sweets. In this picture he is blatantly choosing tofu over candy! 

And just to further prove his point he tried to throw the candy away :) Luckily Ben stepped in there, because, hey, some of us like candy. Like, really, really like it.

All in all Halloween was really fun, I was excited and proud to make our own costumes, and I think Whit enjoyed staying up past his bedtimes for two different nights. 

I guess we'll do it again. 

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