Friday, December 6, 2013

Whit at 15 months!

*This post was written the day Whit turned 15 months, about 6 weeks ago. Oops.*

Last week Whit turned 15 months old! I've been thinking back to some of my favorite monthly updates, which were 4 and 5 months. I used to pore over those pictures- I couldn't believe how adorable and fun my baby was- and I can still picture that photo shoot clearly in my mind. To be fifteen months old sounds so much older than four and five! And thinking back on the hilarious Christmas photo shoot (5 months) when we were battling his weight loss and he was too small to even sit up in the Bumbo he has become a serious toddler. He really is growing up.

Whit @ 15 months old

*Feeds himself with a fork and spoon (He only puts the utensil in his mouth, he can't get food onto it yet. He does try, though- he even spent Sacrament meeting trying to spear cheerios onto his fork!)
*Signs "please" (as of two days ago) and "more". (This is a HUGE deal- he tested at a 5-month language rate when he was 13 months, so we work with him all the time on communicating with us). He doesn't know the appropriate use of either- just that he get something when he makes the motion- so he will do "please more please" in signs just about any time he wants something. I see "please more please" when he's ready to get out of his crib, for instance. 
*Can say "ayon" (lion) and sometimes "ayen" (amen). Other than that he's pretty quiet, or grunts. 
*Even though he doesn't vocalize much he does understand most of what we say to him. He will drop everything and go to the kitchen for his bottle when I say any word related to sleeping, will go straight to the bathtub if I say anything related to bathtime, to his changing pad when I say diaper, his high chair when we say anything about eating, etc. He even follows commands. "Don't close the bathroom door!" "Are you ready to go?" and so forth. I have seen most of these developments in the last few weeks, which makes me think all of the time and effort working with us, his speech therapist, and the at-home interventionist may be paying off! 
*Loves to play hide and seek (He'll crouch behind us and giggle when we pretend to look for him then hit our backs when he's ready to be found), peek-a-boo, any stuffed animals (He sleeps cuddling a lion and will give any animal a squeeze when we hand it over. Adorable.), books (turning pages... how fun!), music (He has even started quasi-dancing when he hears music), and opening and closing anything. (We call him the door police- everything around him has to be closed! But of course it has to be opened, first :), and, of course, anything electronic ( Especially pushing the home button on our iPhones and iPad. He will push the iPad button until Siri gets irritated that he doesn't actually have a question.)
*Knows and will point to a nose, his belly, and his foot. 
*Walks everywhere, all the time, and seems really comfortable and confident until BAM- a fall! He is always covered in red bumps, bruises, and scrapes. His poor forehead :( 
*Rough play, especially blowing raspberries, being spinned around, and tickling (when he's in the mood, of course)
*loves, Loves, LOVES his daddy. He doesn't just ignore anyone else in the vacinity (including mom) he will actively push others away! It's extremely heartwarming, but Ben gets worn down from having to do everything with/ for Whit and I get sad that I miss out on hugs and kisses :( 
*Has a distinct personality and clear opinions. He will mostly follow commands, but the child does have a mind of his own and will throw things on the floor, close doors, push people away, and cry and scream when he is being encouraged to do something he doesn't want to do. We just need to harness that energy for good...
*Loves being outside. Anytime he is in a funky mood at home we can go for a walk and he is automatically pacified as we pass through the door. 

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