Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ben's Home!

Two weeks ago Ben had arthroscopic shoulder surgery to re-attach the badly torn ligament (the labrum) he had torn when his shoulder dislocated a few years ago.  His shoulder continues to get re-injured, so a Dr. suggested surgery to permanently fix the tear, and we decided that surgery should happen as soon as possible, so he can be fully healed when the baby is born.

Because of a strict pain meds, cold pack, and eating schedule, plus the limitation of being in extreme pain when his right arm/ shoulder move at all, Ben has been working from home since the surgery. 

I was a little nervous about that, at first... I work from home, he's working from home, and it's a small home. Except for vacations and weekends, we have never spent so much time around each other before!

I have to say, though, it is fantastic.  After a year and a half of marriage and all we've been through together, we get along so well! We are truly best friends, and have had so much fun sitting on our own ends of the couch, occasionally talking and taking breaks together, but mostly just sharing space and feeling the love in the room. 

I love you, Ben! 

some f.u.n.n.y. stuff from this week:

I spent an entire day cleaning the entire house, Ben washes his hands in the downstairs bathroom...
Suz: "Notice how nice and clean the bathroom is."
Ben: "Wow! I didn't know the bathroom could look this good!"
Suz: "Well, that sort of insults every other time I've cleaned the bathroom."
Ben: "Wow! I forgot the bathroom could get this clean!"
{Later that day we were both in the upstairs bathroom}
Ben: "Wow! This bathroom is so clean!"


We were sitting on the couch both on our computers.... 
Thing 1: "CNN is reporting that 3 people were killed and 6 injured during a shooting at an iHop in Nevada."
Thing 2: "I shot a man in prison just to watch him die."
Thing 1: "Is that what you tell your friends at Folsom?"
Thing 2: "What? I don't actually know where that line came from...." 
Thing 1: "It's a famous song by Johnny Cash on his album Live From Folsom Prison." 
Thing 2: "Oh, I thought it was from Wings." 
Thing 1: "LOL... Can I put that on the blog?"
Thing 2 : "No! I want people to think I know Johnny Cash."
Thing 1: "What if I don't give our names?"
Thing 2: "Well, ok.  Because people will assume it was you." 

After two weeks, Ben's pain has gone down, he is taking Ibuprofen instead of hard meds, and he's comfortable driving an automatic, so he's back at work :(

I miss you, Honey! 

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