Monday, October 17, 2011

An Autumn Afternoon at the Greensboro Corn Maze

Since we are new to the city, Ben and I love to explore around and find fun things to do.  We found this corn maze thanks to a coupon in a Greensboro travelling book!

We used the coupon for $2 off one of our two $10 general admission tickets.  We also told the cashier that we wanted to add the $5 parking on our credit card (we didn't have cash to pay it at the gate), but she didn't add the charge b/c she appreciated that we were honest about it.  See, there are nice people in the world, and you do get something for being a good person!

So here it is-- a place definitely worth visiting if you're in the area!

About 15 mins. outside of Greensboro, this adventure camp is designed to be
an old-fashioned country town.

This hidden ATM just cracked me up!

Hey... What the...?

Kersey Valley Maize Adventure has tons of attractions for the whole family.  
It really is a fun place to spend an entire afternoon! 
We walked around wishing we had a toddler, though :( 

A Zipline Canopy tour

Gem Mining (for an additional entrance fee)

Sandbox with some dinosaur digs (perfect for little kids!)

Giant jumping pillow
This thing is SUPER COOL. I've been on one during the off-season of another corn maze,
but this was a warm Saturday in Autumn so it was FULL of children.  Not the 
most desirable jumping environment :(

Pumpkin Patch! This is something I was most excited about, but was disappointed that 
there weren't too many pumpkins to actually pick or choose to buy. 
But it was a fun yard!

Plus, the pumpkin patch had those photo cut-outs.  Love that.


This maze was really huge, and designed in the shape of three barnyard animals together.
There are six stations around the three animals that you are meant to find, and
a Clue Card to help you to each station and punch it out when you see it. 

Ben and I didn't want to do all that, so we spent a lazy hour just walking around holding hands 
and running into four-year-olds.  It was great :) 

Yep... Gotta love Autumn! 


  1. fun fun!! i love those cut out pics, and really all of your pics. you guys are so cute still! ;)


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