Monday, October 31, 2011

Sandboarding! The new craze.

If you didn't know from the handy list on your right, Ben and I like a little adventure.  A little out-of-the-ordinary.  A little danger.  A little fun.  Well, mostly Ben... but I'm adjusting ;)

OBX is the proud landmark of the largest natural sand dunes on the East Coast.  Visiting the large collection of sand dunes (currently 5) at Jockey's Ridge was my favorite thing to do every summer, and the #1 thing I prepared Ben for.  Growing up our family brought an expensive kite (or bought one at the fancy pants Kitty Hawk Kites toy store across the street) to fly from the top of the dunes every year.  Ben and I didn't have one, and, at 25, simply walking up and down just isn't good enough.

Buying skim boards at 50% off to sandboard down the dunes was my idea.

Unfortunately, the sand + wooden skim boards had more of a sand paper effect than a smoothing effect.
Ben ultimately decided it wasn't fun if you "went slower than a snails pace", so I was left to sandboard alone. (I still thought it was fun... besides, I'd never promised we would go any faster than snails.)

He found other ways to occupy himself.
What a giant 4-year-old.

Yep.  5 or 25... it's still my favorite place at the beach.

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  1. we would do something similar to this at the sand dunes in Idaho, but I mainly got sand all in my pants, maybe it was because we were on baking sheets and cardboard!


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