Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Inside Look Into Our First Official Date!

Well... I guess that is a bit of an over-statement.  We have, of course, been on plenty of amazing "official" dates (Emily told me an official date for her and her hubby was if she wore perfume, my definition means Ben has actually planned something and asked me out.), but, as any married couple can attest, it is harder to plan and ask someone on a date once you are married! We, for instance, do plenty of really fun things around town, like to stay busy and be involved in our community, and love to invite other couples on our adventures, but rarely do we plan something in advance to do together this way.

This was the first time Ben asked me out for a date since we had Eleanor.  We have been really busy and in and out of town since then, but it was still much- needed.

I firmly believe that couples should hold on to romance-- no matter how long you have been together or what you've gone through. 

Ben kept our date plans a surprise, only telling me to dress comfortably and be ready to go around 3:30.
3:30 p.m.

He showed up with 2 dozen pop tarts (way better than flowers!) and one of my favorite candies (which he happens to hate.  That's how I know he really had me in mind when picking something out.)

4:00 p.m.

We pull up here... 

For an appointment for a 1-hr couples massage! Woot woot! 
I can not express how happy that made me.  I love getting massages, but rarely do because it seems like a waste of money.  My body was put through a lot with the pregnancy, though, and I have been complaining of terrible back pain and headaches since the delivery. Ben has been recovering from his shoulder surgery 6 weeks ago, as well, so this was something we both needed! I was so impressed that Ben had the insight to get this for me, and was willing to spend the "unnecessary" money for us to do it together! I have the best husband!

6:00 p.m.

After changing into dressy clothes, we head out in the car for a fancy dinner... 

at my new favorite-- the best restaurant in Greensboro, Palmetto! 
I ate here with my Mom for lunch during our "girls day" after Eleanor was born.  It is right in the middle of downtown Greensboro, so it is great to walk to.  When we ate there I was stunned by the absolutely gorgeous, classy interior, really friendly, passionate staff and owners, and inexpensive, creative menu. I have been talking about non-stop for the past month, which Ben remembered! 

This is my "death bed meal." Seriously, the best meal I may have ever had.  It is a BLT, but with a twist: a fresh baguette, spring lettuce mix, thick applewood smoked bacon strips, and fried green tomatoes with a spicy mayonaise.  It is seriously ..... amazing. The fresh bread, crunchy greens, spicy sauce, smoky bacon, warm tomatoes... Every bite just matches perfectly! The first time I had this BLT it was served with sweet potato fries that had a coating of brown sugar.  I'd never had sweet potato fries like that (the simplest twist makes an amazing difference), and the sweetness was a perfect combo with the spicy, crunchy sandwich.  

Ben ordered the shrimp etoufe with collard greens. 
I still like my BLT better, but this was great, too! The shrimp had a delicious spicy coating, and was served on top of red beans and rice.  MMmmmmmmm! 

7:30 p.m.

As we were leaving the restaurant we heard a live band playing Bon Jovi around the corner... 
Turns out our First Official Date Post- Baby happened to be on the first Friday of October, and Greensboro turns downtown into a giant party on the First Friday of every month! Many downtown restaurants, museums,  and stores keep their doors open late and invite people in to see performances or live music.  It was so cool to walk out of dinner and see the streets full of members of our community!

We walked to this outdoor party where we even saw this portable game van,

We saw a beautiful dance performance at the International Civil Rights Museum, 

And found this outdoor crafts market! 

This really is a beautiful, creative, fun city.  I'm glad we've finally discovered that.

Surprise gifts, a couple's massage, a fancy dinner at my favorite restaurant, and a community party.... What could have possibly made this night any better?



  1. What a fun date night!! I love that you took pictures too!!

  2. Harder to plan and ask on a date after getting married?? You were not the one doing the asking in your previous (single) life, my dear. Nervously waiting for the ringing to stop and someone to pick up...wondering if you should leave a message and what to say in the message...how to handle "I'm busy" etc

  3. Well, my dear, if you are so sure I'll say yes now that we're sealed for eternity, WHY DON'T YOU DO IT MORE OFTEN???? Hmmmmmmm?

  4. Sounds awesome. And I have GOT to try that sandwich. Love you guys!

  5. How fun! That sandwich looks delicious. I love a good BLT! You look gorgeous, by the way. Definitely date ready, perfume or not! :)

  6. That sounds amazing! Carleton thinks any time we do anything it's a date since it's just the two of us...looks like our date is to the gym tonight. Lame. And now I must try Palmetto!


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